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Sony’s new projector for smartphones is boon for Indian enterprises


At a market price of Rs 26,990, (approx US$394) Sony, the global consumer electronics brand, has ventured into portable mobile projectors with the release of the new MP-CL 1 in India. The smartphone sized hand-held projector for smartphones is garnering headlines because of its brevity and compactness with its no-lens structure that aids enterprise mobility in true sense.

It is Sony’s first Pico projector, offering an extremely portable projection solution for users on the go. While LCD projectors often reproduce blurry images, MP-CL1 works on MicroVision laser power to project High Definition images of 1920 x 720 pixels with a high contrast (80,000:1) for the best color output. To compare the costs of regular projectors that range from a nominal of Rs 4,000 (approx US$60) to Rs 40,000 (approx US$583) for premium ones, MP-CL1 stands for best of both. Despite its small size, it can display a screen size of up to 120 inches from a distance of 3.45 meters from the surface with auto focus.

Not just that but Sony claims that it can project clear images even while projecting on uneven surfaces. Devised for both Business and Entertainment arenas, the Pico Projector module inside it can keep the image in focus at any short projection distance without having to adjust the screen or the projector for a perfect projection.

Sony has pitched it as a “take it anywhere” big screen display for the iPad, iPhone, and PlayStation 4 and it’s equally viable for Apple TVs and HDMI-ready Macs.

For enterprises on the go

The added advantage with this Pico Projector is the plethora of connectivity options. It enables connection not only over an HDMI cable but also via MHL to connect smart phones and tablets. At the same time, its built-in Screen Mirroring function allows the user to wirelessly mirror content from a smartphone, tablet, device or PC via Wi-Fi. The packaging also includes an HDMI to the mini-HDMI adapter, a micro-USB cable, and a detachable two-way stand. Moreover, the manual Key Stone Correction feature maintains screen uniformity, both vertically and horizontally, despite angled surfaces. And with in-built speakers minimizes laser speckle noise.

It features a 3400mAh battery which according to Sony delivers up to 120 minutes of HD playback. It also combines a number of features that make it an attractive option for impromptu presentations. At 7.2 ounces, it is much lighter than the LG PH300 (15.2 ounces) and the ZTE SPro (14.1 ounces).

“Using Sony’s Laser Beam Scanning (LBS) technology, this processing system allows the MPCL1 to project images at HD resolution and enables focus-free projection as well as seamless viewing, even on uneven surfaces,” Sony stated in an official release.

Design Element

The chassis comes with an aluminum black body with a matte finish with the only plastic appearing in the very front and back of the device. Otherwise sturdy, this book-like box of projector can be betrayed by the only plastic it has, upon a drop.

The Dark Side

The only place where the MP-CL1 appears to be lacking in comparison to its contemporaries is when it comes to its paltry lumen count of 32 that decides the brightness level of the projection, poor in this case.

Introduced an year earlier in the West, when MP-CL1 won over the earlier-to-market, same-priced PicoPro by Celluon, Sony has pinned high hopes for its pan India release.

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