About Us

The worldwide web is full of technology news. So why another site? True. but there aren’t too many that are clearly focusing on enterprise technology. There are niches of course — some solely covering the cloud, some CRM, some just the IoT. But there’s no single platform that focuses on all.

Techseen aims to be that one single platform for all news, info, analyses, features on enterprise technology. Our heroes are the products and the people behind them. So expect stories of founders who build these products.

Why should the big guys have all the fun?

We believe that whatever news that gets covered on other technology news websites [We are deliberately refraining from calling them as blogs; and we aren’t one. Some of them are powerful media giants], puts the limelight on the big names like Salesforce, SAP, Mi9 and others. What about the other smaller players?

There is one pertinent question floating on Quora: Why don’t more startups target the enterprise? Addressing the question, everyone on the web refers to — we too join the queue — Sequoia’s Jim Goetz, saying that “shockingly few startups are targeting the enterprise” (12 out of each 100). We’d like to believe that statement. Startups are sexy, but not the ones focusing on enterprises. It’s the B2C ones that hog the limelight. We want to change that. We want to highlight their stories; give them a platform to share their stories, to talk about their successes, failures, their challenges — and how they overcame them — a forum for discussions. Techseen aims to be all that.

But let’s be honest. We also, like many of the startups, don’t know — what our product will be in six months time. We want to start with earnestness. We feel that the readers will decide what course we take. We want to be serious, but if the readers reject the idea and want an easy-read, we are open to that. Let the readers be the decision-makers in our content. We may fail; but we are sure the readers themselves will give us the Plan B. Send in your feedback, your ideas, what you would like to see on the website. Feel free to write for us and share your opinion and analyses with others.

Strong team of journalists

In bringing this all together, we have here a strong team of journalists [nothing wrong with using the word ‘bloggers’ as some sites like to call themselves]. But we’d like to call ourselves journalists as we are one. We will try to give facts and follow the traditional style of journalism — except where the journalists own their column. We understand that the media platforms have evolved, but sometimes the basics remain the same — facts and facts only; and ethics — they will get you respect and trust.

The team is a good mix of experience and rookies — but handpicked from best of journalism schools.

Come, be a part of our journey. 🙂