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802 Secure and AT&T partner to secure the IoT airspace


802 Secure, has partnered with AT&T for deploying AirShield, which is a first in class enterprise wireless Internet-of-Things (IoT) defense technology, throughout the United States. Two of the most active and high-traffic IoT regions have rolled out AirShield via the Dallas, Texas-based AT&T Control Center, with thousands of AT&T personnel to be trained on the new product and associated SaaS service offerings. The partnership is for securing the ever-growing IoT demands. The cloud-based offering boasts intrusion detection/deception, vulnerability assessment, and advanced IoT threats prevention.

The Silicon Valley Startup, 802 Secure, founded in 2014, is developing intelligent technology for securing the Internet of Things (IoT), combining Software Defined Radios with Big Data analytics to detect, assess, and prevent risk from new and advanced wireless threats. Through proprietary spectrum analyzation, 802 Secure safely and non-intrusively monitors an enterprise’s air space, giving security personnel comprehensive visibility into every RF-emitting device on premise. As a result, companies can accurately quantify risk and mitigate advanced wireless threats by diverting suspicious traffic to virtual deceptive networks for further threat intelligence gathering.

Garry Drummond, Founder and CEO, 802 Secure says, “ABI Research estimates that more than 30 billion devices will be wirelessly connected to the Internet of Things by 2021. With the ‘inter-connectivity of everything’ becoming the next information revolution, new risks and threats are upon us, and our partnerships with AT&T, Optiv and Carahsoft will be crucial in helping our customers.”

According to 802 Secure, by using its spectrum manager, enterprises can view active wireless attacks on a benign network, while protecting the brand and production network. Clients can also record and analyze new advanced techniques used by hackers. The company claims that it provides an end-to-end secure solution that helps defend organizations from all wireless attacks, be it Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, ZigBee, RFID, NFC, or any licensed band. The AirShield consists of low-cost on premise hardware connected to a cloud-based analytics spectrum manager and reporting platform.

The new cyber-security offering, currently in adoption by government agencies for the AirShield P25CleanRF, has been released to support AT&T’s enterprise-scale wireless security requirements and standards, designed to monitor wireless airspace, taking proactive actions to mitigate loss – prior to incident occurrence. P25 Clean RF or Project 25 Clean Radio Frequency is a suite of standards for digital radio communications used by federal, state and local public safety organizations in the US.

“802 Secure is using AT&T Control Center because it is a highly secure platform they can utilize to offer security and visibility in IoT deployments, helping in detecting and mitigating the risk associated with the Internet of Things,” says Tina Hampton, Assistant Vice President, Product Marketing Security Solutions, AT&T.

According to 802 Secure, product engineers have nearly completed integration with the AT&T Control Center. The telecommunications giant will be deploying the AirShield solution across all 5 major sales regions in the United States by early 2017, training sales force and deployment specialists nationwide. 802 Secure claims that its executive staff is collaborating with AT&T to continue to develop forums and cyber-education about the new wireless IoT airspace and its threats in cyber security for the entire IoT market of the future.

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