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Volkswagen, LG pair to connect cars and smart devices


Pairing up for the ‘next-gen’ connected car race, German automobile company, Volkswagen has signed a MoU (Memorandum of Understanding) with South Korea-based electronics firm, LG. The agreement aims at developing a connected-car platform and cloud-based solution that will allow automobiles to communicate with various electronic gadgets and devices around them.

This is not LG’s first foray into the connected gear space, it had, in the past forayed into a lineup of connected appliances like smart washers and dryers. With this partnership, it will work on the German automaker’s Cross-Over-Platform, helping the company’s vehicles sync with smart homes with the help of location-based services. According to the company, the technology will let users control and monitor smart devices in their homes such as lights, security systems and domestic appliances from out on the road.

The company claims that over the coming years, the two companies will focus on developing technologies and enable vehicle connectivity and convenience with joined efforts. The platform also entails a context-sensitive notification center that can deliver messages and provide optimized recommendations to the driver in real time.

Thomas Form, Head of Electronics and Vehicle Research, Volkswagen, said:

Volkswagen is pressing on with the digitalization of its brands. Our focus in doing so is always on our customers. For them, comfort, safety and energy efficiency play a central role. LG is a strong, reliable partner in the implementation of new features and one of the drivers of innovation in the networked household. We look forward to working with LG and to developing in future simple, easy-to-use smart home solutions for our customers integrated into our vehicle systems.

The relationship between both the majors can be traced back to LG’s support and supply to automotive with audio-visual products for vehicles. Earlier in March 2015, Italdesign Guigiaro, a Volkswagen subsidiary, unveiled its GEA concept car at the Geneva Motor Show with seven key components supplied by LG Electronics, including the holographic display, connected smart watch, tail lights and rear camera.

Going by the buzz, the understanding will only better itself to house innovation, to produce next-generation infotainment technology for connected cars.

Richard Choi, Head, Cloud Center, LG, stated:

LG Electronics and Volkswagen are teaming up to develop the next generation of connected car platform that allows wide integration with smart home services and adoption of open IoT connectivity technologies. We think LG’s expertise in smart technology together with Volkswagen’s leadership in the automotive sector will revolutionise the way drivers interact with their vehicles.

Sushri Sahu
The left of all things right, Sushri Sahu is a journo of the tech-psyched world. The left of all things right, Sushri Sahu is a journo of the tech-psyched world. Economy and Enterprise are her keen interests. She holds huge love for everything French and fine in life.