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Cloudera makes Navigator Optimizer available, releases Enterprise 5.8


California-based Cloudera that designs open source technologies and develops apache hadoop-based enterprise analytic data management software, has announced the general availability of Cloudera Navigator Optimizer, alongside the release of Cloudera Enterprise 5.8.

Since its limited beta release in November 2015, Cloudera Navigation Optimizer aims to aid customers augment their analytic database or data warehouse solution with Hadoop and help offload SQL workloads for more efficient analytics processing.

Posing as the newest update to Cloudera’s Big Data solutions and offerings, the optimization tool claims to provide database administrators (DBAs) the usage visibility to manage Hadoop data models and guidance to optimize query performance.

In a company blog, Cloudera stated that it has helped customers “offload ETL (extract, transform and load) processes, Business Intelligence (BI) reports, ad-hoc workloads to Cloudera’s Hadoop platform,” after profiling and analyzing workloads for customers in identifying potential risks and optimizing data model to support various data needs.

Reportedly, it evaluates structured query language (SQL) text in large, complex SQL workloads so users can gain an in-depth understanding of their workloads, identify queries best-suited for Hadoop and modify them as needed for optimal efficiency via an easy-to-use web user interface. Its built-in optimization guidance for Apache Hive and Apache Impala (incubating), a SQL engine also enables peak in performance for faster data preparation, BI and exploratory analytics, claims the company.

Charles Zedlewski, Vice President, Products, Cloudera, said:

Across our customers, adopting Cloudera Enterprise as a Hadoop-based analytic database is one of the most popular use cases. Cloudera’s platform – leveraging best-of-breed technologies such as Hive-on-Spark and Impala – brings new scale, flexibility, and performance to these analytic workloads including ETL, BI, and exploratory analytics.

“To help our customers more effectively get on the path for Hadoop success, we’re excited to provide Cloudera Navigator Optimizer as a unique new tool. It provides the visibility and guidance necessary to help decrease the development costs when offloading to Hadoop and actively optimize these workloads for peak performance,” Zedlewski added.

The other release, Cloudera Enterprise 5.8, is a cloud-based analytics that comes with CDH 5.8, Cloudera Manager 5.8, and Cloudera Navigator 2.7. And is added to its Impala component, a parallel processing (MPP) SQL query engine, which now claims to support Amazon S3 in addition to Hive and Apache Spark.

According to the company within the open-source Hue interface, SQL developers can easily explore and discover available tables through quickviews; quickly design queries with autocomplete suggestions; and get immediate assistance for debugging queries before they run for efficient troubleshooting. In addition, queries and results can be seamlessly shared with other users and groups, with the ability to directly set access permissions on results for trusted security.

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