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Dashlane extends its password management tool to mobile devices


Password management company Dashlane has announced the release of Spaces for mobile supporting Android, iPhone, and iPad devices. The company had launched Spaces last month that was integrated with enterprise initiative–Dashlane Business, but it was limited only to desktops.

According to the New York-based startup, the new feature allows employees to use their business and personal passwords on mobile devices by toggling between dedicated work and personal Spaces within Dashlane. Also, it enables companies and employees to protect their credentials, and segregate personal information from professional profiles.

Mobile version of Dashlane Spaces
Mobile Version of Spaces

With Spaces, the company claims that employees can be “more secure” and businesses can improve their password security and access management, which represent the first-line of defense for corporate systems and data.

“Password management blurs the line between home and work. If an employee practices safe password habits at home, that same mindset will carry over into his or her workplace,” said Emmanuel Schalit, CEO of Dashlane.

The majority of notable breaches stem from password hacks, so it’s critical that companies educate their employees on how to manage their passwords and provide them with tools such as Dashlane that make secure password management simple and effective.

Dashlane mentioned in a blogpost that BYOD devices are ‘extremely susceptible’ to security vulnerabilities. Hence with Dashlane Business and Spaces for mobile devices, the company aims to help businesses oversee the password health and security of their entire organization and every employee through the centralized Admin console, while still maintaining employees’ privacy.

Additionally, the company claims that to further enhance the security, its enterprise control features let employers restrict or revoke access to an employee’s work Space, without employees losing access to accounts saved in their Personal Space.

“Dashlane Business is the simplest, and most effective enterprise access management solution for business. It’s simple, user-friendly onboarding experience provides makes Dashlane Business easily adaptable among employees, and instantly frees up time and resources from your IT department,” read the blogpost.

With Spaces now available on both mobile and desktop, the company believes to have equipped Dashlane Business with an effective “onboarding process, employee experience, and functionality.”

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