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Accenture, Splunk, Palo Alto Networks, Tanium to offer cybersecurity


In a bet to advance its cybersecurity portfolio, Accenture has announced and signed an agreement with Splunk, Palo Alto Network and Tanium to develop a managed cyber defense solution. And the integrated offering will be delivered through the Accenture Cyber Defense Platform (ACDP) to improve security by closing security gaps and enhance visibility across global networks, says Accenture.

Reportedly, the collaboration that aims at helping organizations and security teams identify, prevent, protect, detect, and respond to attacks, is powered by the club of Palo Alto Network’s Next-Generation Firewalls and Traps Advanced Endpoint Protection offering, Tanium’s Endpoint Management and Visibility and Control Platform, and Splunk Enterprise Security (ES) with its own operating model and cyber defense architecture.

Apart from its already existing cyber services including Vulnerability Management and Threat Intelligence, Security Monitoring and Cyber Threat Analytics, Incident Response and Advanced Adversary Simulations, the joint offering promises insights into the security behavior within enterprises, and effectively automate breach detection, prevention, response and recovery efforts.

Kelly Bissell, Senior Managing Director, Accenture Security, said:

Organizations today are facing highly sophisticated hackers who can hide their tracks for weeks, months and even years without being noticed. Attaining a secure network environment across the entire company in this threat landscape is a significant challenge for organizations.

“With the combined capabilities of these industry leading products, we can now offer clients a comprehensive solution that helps address identification, protection, prevention, detection and response and does so across all endpoints and networks, which is a major leap in mitigating risk,” added Bissell.

According to the company, the Accenture Cyber Defense Platform is poised to provide advanced threat detection, correlation, search and incident management capabilities designed to help organizations respond to and remediate cyber threats on-demand. And clients will be able to take advantage of the offerings via on-premise, in the cloud, or as-a-Service, based on their business requirements.

Haiyan Song, Senior Vice President, Security Markets, Splunk, stated:

Organizations seeking end-to-end visibility require a new approach, revolved around data and analytics- driven security. Bringing together network and endpoint technologies with powerful analytics, enablement of adaptive response and automation allows companies to address the full spectrum of security challenges they face. By teaming with Palo Alto Networks, Tanium and Accenture we are able to offer a powerful solution in one integrated platform, ensuring a strong defensive posture.

Additionally, Says Accenture, a new custom Splunk application will also combine the direct integration of all four technologies into a single pane of glass with a defined workflow and aggregated data. The data can be correlated within the application to better identify indicators of compromise and remediation on each of the technologies can be triggered from within the application itself.

Chad Kinzelberg, Senior Vice President, Business and Corporate Development, Palo Alto Networks, believes that organizations must adopt prevention-minded security approach to survive the increasingly sophisticated attacks. He commented, “This collaboration brings together a powerful combination of technologies to help organizations expand their visibility, enhance their analytics capabilities, and protect themselves from the latest cyberthreats.”

In a blog post, Curt Aubley, Vice President, Global Strategic Alliances and Technology, Tanium, added:

Endpoint and network security are often not in sync and don’t provide end-to-end coverage of an organization’s attack surface, leaving unprotected areas that adversaries can easily exploit. An integrated, automated, and orchestrated multi-layer security architecture is key to closing those gaps, being more resilient, and reducing the amount of time it takes to identify and respond to intrusions. By combining our strengths we make it easier, more effective, and efficient for both IT operations and security teams to secure their entire IT environment at unprecedented speed and scale.

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