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Propeller launches new CRM tool with Gmail integration


Propeller Customer Relationship Management (CRM) has launched with a tool which it claims to be ‘deeply integrated with Gmail’. The tool has been launched with an aim to deliver an all-in-one solution that makes it easier to get sales work done and have tracking as a natural by-product. In short it reduces the need to track all the activities manually.

Eric Bouck, Founder, Propeller commented in his blogpost, “Salesforce is the largest SaaS company in the world. Isn’t this market all wrapped up? Aren’t we wasting our time? But if you dig deeper, you’ll actually see a common problem with existing products: they were built to manage sales, not to make sales.”

In that sense, they end up looking like accounting systems for the sales organization: a place to log what you already did so your manager can keep track. Now don’t get me wrong, there’s a lot of value in that for the company. Just not for the individual salesperson.

Gmail Integration:

According to the company, the Gmail sidebar equips the user with all sales tools that are required in order to grow the business with an easy access to the CRM so that the productivity is not hampered and the sales representative can dedicate more time on selling instead of logging data. With Email tracking tool, the sales team can track emails and gets notified when a client opens up an email. Propeller tracks this to study the user and when to take a followup. Also the reminders help ensure nothing slips through the cracks, and are automatically removed when the user receives a reply. Templates too, can be used with multiple fields for faster correspondence along with managing various accounts. The automated mails can also be sent with this tool.

Propeller Gmail

Manage pipelines:

Propeller claims that with Gmail, pipelines can be managed by creating leads or opportunities. In-short, this CRM tool enables the user to manage the entire book of business via email. The user can use use different pipelines to track different types of deals. Multiple pipelines can be managed for sales, recruiting, business development and more. It also enables the user to see exactly where the opportunities are lying and where to give attention. The user gets an instant overview of deal progress and can make quick changes to multiple opportunities.


Task and Activities:

Tasks can be assigned to the teammates on the web, right from Gmail. What needs to be done is set the due dates, link to any object in Propeller, and add the details that are needed to succeed. Moreover, notes can also be added to an account contact or lead so the user never loses the track of important information. Everything is saved with the object so if an employee leaves, all that history is secure. Get account history instantly in the web application or from Gmail. Transition accounts easily with a history of notes, tasks, statuses, and even emails. The CRM built by Propeller will get access to all the information about the people you are emailing with along with the tasks and follow-ups you need to handle right inside of Gmail using our Chrome extension.

Propeller Gmail


Propeller also enables the user to create interactive and customizable dashboards in order to put instant updates by getting rid of the usual time consuming process. Propeller’s step by step setup takes seconds and guides the user through a conversational guide to creating the necessary widgets for any dashboard. Pipeline, revenue forecast, likelihood to close: these are all available and take minutes to generate. There is no need to use the excel sheet as Propeller’s dashboards automatically generate in design, resize widgets for what’s most important and automatically reformats all the components to match.

According to the San Francisco-based company, it is built for small businesses and startups so it’s easy to set up, easy to manage, and designed to help businesses grow quickly and without any headaches.

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