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Tego introduces an open OS for its Asset Intelligence Platform


Tego that offers Asset Intelligence Platform (AIP) to businesses, has launched an open, multi-platform operating system called TegoOS. The company claims that TegoOS empowers manufacturers, distributors and maintenance organizations across multiple sectors including aerospace, life sciences, healthcare and manufacturing. According Tego, the OS will allow companies to deploy scalable solutions for lifecycle and service management, regulatory and process compliance, and authenticity management. The operating system is also an enhancement to its Asset Intelligence Platform.

The company’s AIP embeds data and documents (digital information) on the asset. AIP installs the distributed data solutions that ranges from product specification and configuration, maintenance and use history, and intended use and compatibility, to process instructions or images. Tego claims that it gets installed within small or large ecosystems that provide employees with important operating data and makes sure the asset is connected to devices and systems.

Timothy Butler, CEO, Tego said, “TegoOS powers data and insights for the T in the IoT. It provides data connectivity to assets so businesses have the information they need to take the necessary actions to save money, keep users safe, and continue to build new revenue models.”

TegoOS powers the AIP, enabling user to easily and securely manage critical data directly on an asset through a wireless communication protocol. A cross-platform library supports all the major mobile and desktop operating systems, iOS, Android, Windows and OS X and integrates with enterprise applications.

TegoOS states that it greatly simplifies the process of storing, recalling and communicating the information embedded in a product, component or asset. TegoOS marks the origin of assets, its authenticity, lifecycle maintenance history to authorized users. Moreover, it provides encryption, compression, flexible and efficient file management. The company also claims that the process of storing data on a physical asset is a one push-button activity.

TegoOS includes:

  • A comprehensive software library supporting Tego’s AIP functionality and extensibility, securely storing and retrieving structured or unstructured data directly on any asset through a wireless communications protocol
  • A mobile application for AIP administrators and users with one common interface to RF gateway devices such as Motorola, ThingMagic, Intermec, Zebra, Impinj, TSL and LLRP gateways.
  • Integration capabilities for cloud-based IoT and enterprise systems
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