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Kloudless, Pipeliner to help developers build applications


Application Programming Interface company Kloudless has announced a strategic partnership with Pipeliner, a developer of sales tracking and customer relationship management software for small to medium-size business adding a Pipeliner CRM Connector to their Universal CRM API. The partnership will aid the developers to build applications that can insert integration to Pipeliner CRM. The added new Connector allows software developers to combine Pipeliner CRM with Kloudless’s Universal CRM API. It has the support for Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, and Oracle Sales Cloud.

Kloudless launched its universal Customer Relationship Management (CRM) API for developers in August this year. It will enable developers to build applications that need additions when it comes to multiple customer relationship management services.

The task of developers becomes easy with Kloudless Pipeliner CRM Connector where they can embed integrations to Pipeliner and many other CRM services by using a single API. The IT teams can make use of Pipeliner Connector to enable point-to-point integrations using one unified API platform.

The integration entails:

  • Accelerate market time: Once the Kloudless’s universal API is built, it becomes easy to add new integrations in the future.
  • Lower long-run engineering overhead: Beyond the initial integration, it claims to be taking care of the underlying API maintenance and updates.
  • Focused on core business: The integration claims to focus on the core business so that the developers can concentrate on building applications and not managing connectors.

Nikolaus Kimla, founder and CEO, Pipeliner stated, “Partnering with Kloudless continues our strategy of opening up integration with Pipeliner CRM to the widest possible audience of developers. Kloudless, with its simple, yet powerful interface shares much in common with Pipeliner’s approach so the synergies were obvious to us. We are extremely delighted to begin this partnership.”

The Pipeliner CRM Connector comprises of:

  • One-to-many integration: The code written to integrate Pipeliner CRM with Kloudless will also work with other supported CRM Connectors, which include Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, and Oracle Sales Cloud. Future integrations include NetSuite, SAP CRM, SugarCRM, Zoho, HubSpot, and more.
  • Operations on all CRM content: Uniform object data is returned for accounts, contacts, leads, opportunities, and tasks. In addition, all objects in Pipeliner CRM can be retrieved in the original data format. Perform a series of API requests through a single batch request.
  • Real-time and historical events: Receive notifications and retrieve events for new, modified, and deleted objects.

Eliot Sun, CEO and Co-founder, Kloudless stated, “We’re very excited to partner with Pipeliner CRM and add their Connector to our Universal CRM API. We strive to provide the most comprehensive application integration platform, which means supporting market-leading business applications like Pipeliner. This partnership will enable developers to integrate Pipeliner with significantly less effort.”

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