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Reduxio extends storage and security solutions to VCA Consultants


VCA Consultants, an engineering firm that provides structural engineering design and consulting services for residential and commercial real estate projects throughout California, has selected Reduxio Systems’ storage and data protection solutions to modernize its IT Infrastructure. The company will be using Reduxio’s enterprise hybrid storage array to simplify and streamline its IT environment in order to react to cyclical market forces and business demands and increase productivity.

California’s residential and commercial real estate market continues to thrive, as prices remain at near peak levels, with limited inventory and low-interest rates playing in its favor, according to the California Realtor Association. To address these market demands, VCA Consultants explains that it uses Building Information Models (BIM) and 3-D Modeling projects as well as AutoCAD Revit in structural design. As these design software applications require significant amounts of storage capacity and put a lot of performance demand on storage, it turned to Reduxio to help innovate its IT infrastructure.

“VCA is known for leading edge solutions to enable architects and developers to build more creatively and cost effectively. We are always exploring ways to enhance the performance of our IT infrastructure to better serve our clients” said David Briski, IT manager, VCA Consultants.

“Reduxio’s technology allows VCA to offer its clients the latest advances in 3-D modeling and provide stable and reliable professional services while improving productivity, continuously protecting its data from losses, automating backup and recovery and containing costs.”

To improve performance, Reduxio’s HX550 storage was installed and configured for VMware ESXi 6 which was recently updated in September. Virtual servers and desktops were migrated from a previous spinning disk system to Reduxio’s flash storage solution with in-line, in-memory and de-duplication and compression.

To ascertain security, Reduxio’s is falling back on its BackDating solution that claims to provide fine-grain recovery of virtual machines and databases to protect VCA from data loss in the event of an outage or a malware attack.

“Our solution is able to seamlessly integrate with VCA Consultants’ current storage environment, maximizing its current investment while reducing the risks to critical structural design data associated with previous 24-hour backup cycles and spinning disks,” said Mike Grandinetti, Chief Marketing and Corporate Strategy Officer, Reduxio.

“We’re proud to be working with our reseller partner MR2 Solutions, who have a demonstrated expertise in applying next generation storage and data center technologies on behalf of its clients. We’ve worked together to help transform VCA Consultants’ storage environment to be more cost-effective, while improving performance and user productivity,” he added.

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