Medical wearable startup ten3T raises funding from Pi Ventures

ten3T will use the funds to beta test its first medical device Cicer, which will make cardiac health easily accessible to everyone.



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ten3T, a medical grade wearable device startup has raised an undisclosed amount of funding in its angel round led by Pi Ventures. A group of angels, including V Krishna Prasad, Co-founder, Qikwel; Bhupen Shah and other angel investors from the Valley and Bangalore also participated in the round.

The Times of India, however, reports that the startup has raised INR 1.65 crore (approximately US$245,000).

The Bangalore, India-based starup, that builds wearable medical devices, which in turn collect and integrate medical grade data in real time was co-founded by physician-entrepreneur — Sudhir Borgonha, and two biomedical engineers — Rahul Shingrani, and Prasad Bhat. While the former comes with years of research and development experience in the medical device space, the latter has experience in regulatory and quality systems in medical devices.

Each wearable device will include multiple sensors to collect clinical grade data, continuously streaming signals from ECG, pulse, SpO2, respiratory rate and temperature, all analyzed and reported in real time. ten3T will manage and analyze the continually streaming data on a cloud-based platform to provide accurate medical grade data to doctors with analytics and predictive modeling. According to an official release, ten3T will be an end-to-end operator of the real time ECG monitoring business – building the hardware, software, data storage and data analytics.

The raised funds will be deployed to beta test the company’s first device, Cicer, which according to the company, will “make cardiac health easily accessible to everyone.” Cicer will be tested in multiple healthcare settings, including doctors in private practice, nursing homes and for at-home monitoring.

“Medical care continues to be traditionally managed. With technological advances, there is an urgent need to build more powerful diagnostic capabilities coupled with interpretative tools. ten3T integrates its proprietary hardware and software to build convenience, cost benefits and intelligent reporting to the physician and patient. It is our vision to make cardiac care preventive, predictive and accessible to all,” said Sudhir Borgonha, Co-founder and CEO, ten3T.

ten3T has developed its first wearable medical device ‘Cicer’, which will make cardiac health easily accessible to everyone.

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