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Comodo announces availability of EV Code Signing Certificates


Comodo, a global innovator and developer of cybersecurity solutions has announced the availability of EV Code Signing certificates from January 2017.

The company explains that by introducing EV Code Signing certificates to digitally sign applications, legitimate publishers and software authors can differentiate themselves by giving peace of mind to end users, while malware authors are forced to reveal themselves.

“Malware authors can no longer hide behind the anonymity wall, as they create malicious code that causes havoc for end users. That privilege has just been revoked by Comodo,” the company claims.

With this service, applications must be digitally signed in order to run on our computers, which hasn’t been the case until recently. That meant anyone could write an application and make it available without end users knowing who created it.

Comodo claims to have overcome this issue with EV Code Signing Certificates, that allows end users to know that any application that they allow into their computers has been written by an entity that has shown the responsibility of getting itself vetted and verified by Comodo. Also, end users can look for applications using EV Code Signing Certificates from Comodo in order to feel safe and trust the application.

“The luxury of anonymity that has been afforded to malware authors must stop. Of course, there is no single silver bullet, but every obstacle we can create for malware authors means there will be less malware to deal with—creating a more secure digital world, one step at a time,” said Michael Fowler, President, Comodo CA.

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