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Should we be afraid of robots?


Many experts oppose the further development of Industry 4.0. The trend of implementing automation and data exchange into manufacturing technologies may have a significant effect on society: Massive job loss.

Statistics indicate that a high percent of jobs (45% in the United States) could be fully automated in the near future. Automation is driven by the will of reaching a higher productivity and efficiency level which humans might not be able to provide. The conclusion drawn from the statistics available about the increasing number of robots in operation, according to which current employees will become unwanted, is understandable.

But there are signs that the situation is not that apocalyptic. Check out TradeMachine’s new infographic which gives you a deep insight into how robots can enhance productivity and create jobs at the same time!


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Molly Connell
Molly Connell handles Online Markerting for TradeMachines. As a member of the Berlin-based, fast-growing online start-up company which provides a metasearch website for used industrial equipment, her job is enhance brand awareness and visibility