360GamePlan: A new SaaS analytics platform for retailers

Launched by commerce analytics company, 360pi, 360GamePlan identifies and tracks shopper product and brand preferences



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Commerce analytics company 360pi has launched 360GamePlan, an analytics platform for retailers.

The SaaS-based solution allows retailers to “grow and optimize their assortment with in-depth insight into product and category-level demand, along with relative competitive positioning.”

It can extract and mine retail and shopper big data related to pricing to answer critical assortment related questions including:

  • On-demand knowledge of which products, attributes, and brands are resonating with shoppers
  • Early indication of when and where demand is shifting—up or down—for specific products and brands
  • Opportunities to diversify assortment and avoid direct pricing pressure including the use of private labels, exclusives, and specialty items.

“Accelerating ecommerce adoption presents both opportunities and challenges for retailers including the need for new and differentiated competitive tactics supported by next generation commerce analytics,” stated Alexander Rink, CEO of 360pi.

“360GamePlan demonstrates our continued commitment to help our customers navigate the hyper-competitive retail environment with innovation, quality, and service.”

Formerly known as Gazaro, 360pi was incubated in 2008 in Ottawa, Canada, and claims customer base accountings of over $US300 billion in annual product sales; and claims to have names like Ace Hardware, Build.com, Overstock.com, and Walgreens on its clients list.

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