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Rentokil partners Qlik to better equip IoT data for pest control


Rentokil Initial, a British pest control and hygiene solutions company, has partnered with Qlik, a player in visual analytics, to gain better insights from its product and global company operations data. According to the company, this will support its wider global deployment of new innovative digital pest control products and next-generation services.

Qlik has joined Google and PA Consulting Group to execute Rentokil’s mission to deliver its customers predictive advice and connected solutions. Its cloud-based Sense platform will be used to provide visualizations of data from Rentokil’s Internet of Things (IoT) product roll out. This will use connected digital devices to deliver proactive risk management against the threat of pest infestation – for instance, mapping weather patterns with rodent behavior or tracking swarms of insects as they cross territories.

“Rentokil’s innovative use of the IoT to launch a new generation of services is reflective of the possibilities a connected world can bring,” said Simon Blunn, MD and Country Manager, Qlik, UK&I.

“Key to the realization of this potential is an ability to make sense of the increased level of data produced by IoT devices, and putting power in the hands of the employees and customers that need this information. We look forward to our ongoing partnership with Rentokil and helping the company extract further value and see the whole story within its data,” Blunn added.

So far, Rentokil claims to have extended its range of connected rodent control products to over 20,000 digital devices, running in 12 countries globally and generating more than three million pieces of data. These IoT units can automatically alert technicians when a rodent is caught, while customers are kept informed through the myRentokil online portal.

“Qlik’s platform will enable Rentokil to gain a new depth of insight from its data and, crucially, empower our front line staff with the latest information and real-time trends, improving productivity. This level of data visualization will be crucial as the company continues to digitize and extend its IoT services, heralding the future of pest control management,” said Paul Donegan, IT Director, Rentokil Initial.

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