Ginesys’ new solution eases GST filings for businesses in India

Dubbed as EasemyGST, the solution provides a well-defined tax compliance technological solution with secure computing

GST Ginesys


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As businesses in India earnestly await the tax rates for various commodities under the Goods and Services Tax (GST), ERP solution provider Ginesys has launched a comprehensive GST compliance and ERP integrated solution to help businesses to switch their operations to GST tax regime. Dubbed as EasemyGST, the solution provides a well-defined tax compliance technological solution incorporating a secure and trustworthy computing.

“As the newly-constituted tax reform is just around the corner, all the tax compliances need to be fully met while ensuring zero disruption to businesses. EasemyGST is a secure easy-to-use platform with robust linkages to the govt GSTN database on one end and business processes through ERP on the users’ end. It has pre-built connectors to major ERP providers such as Navision, SAP, Ginesys and many more,” said Ashish Mittal, Founder, EasemyGST.

Ginesys claims that the online portal would allow enterprises to focus on their core business competencies, while it handles the accountability of all the GST-filings work of respective companies. The platform is designed to configure and adopt the dynamic GST rules through its rule engine, facilitating the process of filing in a seamless manner.

The website also sports a GST-readiness index feature that provides the user with an understandable metric that ensures their GST-readiness within few minutes. EasemyGST is developed on a cloud infrastructure which facilitates uninterrupted monitoring of the tax compliance status. Features like the database encryption, encrypted checksum and PKI-based digital signatures, shield the data from external intrusion intervention.

The solution is developed by a team of CA Professionals having relevant technology experience and technology professionals with fintech background, and is reportedly supported by legal professionals and experts who are integral members of India’s Indirect Taxes Committee.

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