Plutio: An app to manage all your enterprise apps

The app, currently on Kickstarter, promises to connect all current enterprise apps and use them all through Plutio. No more jumping between apps



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Too many apps = two many windows = total overload! Plutio, an England based startup, hopes to clear the clutter and provide a single-window to all your productivity, collaboration and communication apps.

Currently, on Kickstarter, and hoping to raise £8,000 (approximately US$12,000), positions itself to be the is “the next generation of self-evolving virtual assistants.” It learns, adapts and responds, the Kickstarter page states.

So, how does Plutio work?

Here’s a scenario that the description states:

Imagine – you are working on a landing page project for Plutio. The project files are on Dropbox, tasks on Trello, invoices on Xero and collaborating with your team on Slack. Within a click of a button, you integrate all of these apps with Plutio. What happens next? magic! See below how all of your data from all the apps you integrated are sorted into the right place? Ins’t that just awesome!

So what are the problems that it hopes to solve?

  • No more jumping between apps
  • Choose and use only the features you need
  • Access and use valuable data you never knew about before
  • No more hundreds of notifications from all the different apps
  • Truly intuitive, fast and customizable to YOUR way of working
  • Join other businesses and teams on Plutio using one single account
  • Save your time, money and sanity

The project as of now has just got one backer, with a promise of £5, but there are still 25 more days to go for the deadline. While Techseen couldn’t reach out to the founders, here’s what Leo Bassam, Founder, CEO and Designer of Plutio, states on the Kickstarter page: “Building a great central platform that unifies all of your apps is hard, and building one that self-evolve to adopt to your way of working is even harder. There are many challenges we have already come across as we develop, test, and improve. But we did our best to create a solid plan that will help us deliver a usable and bug free product.”

What jobs do we expect Plutio to handle?

  • Projects & Tasks
  • Collaboration
  • Automated Marketing
  • Invoicing
  • Files & Assets
  • Automated Workflows
  • Teams, Clients & Contacts
  • Calendar & Reminders

Announcing the number of curious sign-ups, Bassam announced on Twitter over the Christmas weekend:

Seems the startup community is already excited about Plutio. Here’s some of the buzz that’s going on Twitter:

Plutio is currently a team of four, and hopes to give itself a launch date in early 2016; and is eagerly on a watch out for investors. If one of the tweets mentioning Plutio is to be believed, the project has already closed the seed round.

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