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Skilljar integrates Salesforce’s B2B marketing automation platform Pardot


Cloud based customer training platform, Skilljar, has partnered with Salesforce to integrate the latter’s B2B marketing automation solution, Pardot, into its Learning Management System (LMS). The partnership aims at providing market insights to Skilljar users by assimilating its customer training solution with Pardot’s engagement marketing platform.

According to the company, Pardot will bring automated marketing solution to the table and allow marketing and sales departments to create, deploy, and manage online marketing campaigns from one central platform. It will enable B2B marketers to engage customers in a personalized way. Enterprises that use Skilljar and Pardot will be able to use a unified workflow based on customer training activity, learning plan progress, assessment scores, and certification data.

Sandi Lin, Co-Founder and CEO, Skilljar, said, “We are thrilled to better serve our clients who rely on Pardot for customer communications. This integration further extends our philosophy of enabling a seamlessly connected application ecosystem. We look forward to helping our clients better educate and train their customers, partners, and employees at scale.”

Skilljar claims to help build a continuous network of education, refresher training, and certifications while ongoing customer training increases customer engagement, satisfaction, and retention.

The integration will also track how customers are engaging with company data to facilitate information and identify learning gaps through analytical reporting tools that are supported via web dashboard, Comma Separated Values (CSVs), webhooks, and Application Programming Interface (APIs).

Sushri Sahu
The left of all things right, Sushri Sahu is a journo of the tech-psyched world. The left of all things right, Sushri Sahu is a journo of the tech-psyched world. Economy and Enterprise are her keen interests. She holds huge love for everything French and fine in life.