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Twilio and Amazon extend collaboration for SMS Delivery


San Francisco-based communication platform, Twilio, that allows software developers build voice & messaging applications on application programming interface (API), has extended its ties with Amazon Web Services (AWS). The deal is a foreword of Twilio’s support to help AWS further its Simple Notification Service (SNS).

The partnership will aid Amazon’s SMS delivery to SNS users while exchanging bulk messages. Details of the collaboration remain scant. According to Techcrunch, Amazon will “leverage the benefits of Twilio’s Super Network, which enables SMS delivery across the globe.”

Twilio that specializes in cloud communication claims to enable phones, voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) and messaging to be embedded into web, desktop and mobile software for developers and businesses. And make communications more contextual by embedding voice, video, messaging and authentication directly into applications.

Jeff Lawson, Co-Founder and CEO, Twilio, said:

“Amazon Web Services truly embodies the spirit of iteration upon which Twilio was built. With this latest collaboration, we’re strengthening the communications ecosystem with scalable, efficient tools that ensure the best option for delivering a message is available.”

While Amazon’s SNS can easily be called as an enterprise messaging solution with push notifications service. It uses Amazon CloudWatch and AWS analytics to get users, updates on success and failure rates on multiple platforms including iOS, Android, Java, Python, PHP, Node.js, or .NET SDKs, claims the company.

The relationship between the two companies can be traced to Amazon’s investment in Twilio last year during its Series E round. And Twilio, borrowing AWS’s infrastructure to host its platform.

Reportedly, the combined offering lists resources to provide developers and the enterprise the tools and intelligence to manage and scale communications globally on nearly any communications channel. It also aims at allowing developers to focus on customer engagement rather than device or communications channel.

Marco Argenti, Vice President, Mobile and IoT, Amazon Web Services, said, “AWS believes in the value of efficient, scalable technology solutions that can elevate developers’ role to concentrate on building great applications, rather than managing infrastructure. We are thrilled to be working with Twilio, and we’ll continue to work together to help empower developers to communicate with their users seamlessly across devices.”

The messaging platform by Amazon, boasts of serving to companies including Periscope, Yelp and Easy Taxi.

Sushri Sahu
The left of all things right, Sushri Sahu is a journo of the tech-psyched world. The left of all things right, Sushri Sahu is a journo of the tech-psyched world. Economy and Enterprise are her keen interests. She holds huge love for everything French and fine in life.