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Software AG, MDI to accelerate digitalization in Philippines


Software AG, a global provider of enterprise software and solutions, today announced its partnership with MDI, a communications technology solutions provider in the Philippines, to offer competencies based on systems integration and multi-functional digital platforms.

According to the company, the partnership will accelerate digitalization in the Philippines and arm enterprises with an integrated, end-to-end platform-driven architecture to ensure efficiency and smarter business processes.

Myla Villanueva, Managing Director, MDI said, “The emerging trend of digital transformation in Philippines’ business landscape is slowly shifting enterprises towards adopting digital services and solutions.”

The ability to harness tightly integrated digital systems will push enterprises towards innovative business processes and smarter decision-making. With Software AG’s leading digital business platform coupled with our experience in systems integration, we can help enterprises achieve their business goals in the face of rapid digitalization.

Software AG claims that the latest offerings are focused on integration and business process technologies that enable enterprises to leverage on holistic end-to-end platform-driven architectures to modernize their systems, and optimize processes for smarter decisions.

Stanimira Koleva, Chief Operating Officer, Software AG Asia Pacific & Japan said, “We are glad to finally engage our first partner in the country to empower local enterprises and support one of the most promising markets in Southeast Asia. We believe our synergy with MDI as well as our advanced solutions will bring enterprises to the next level of digitalization,” Koleva added.

MDI claims to be the first channel partner engaged by Software AG to further serve emerging market in the region. The partnership plans to collaboratively transform enterprises’ global and complex operations by streamlining software platforms, increasing internal efficiencies for greater business productivity, and innovation across industries such as FSBI, Telco, Manufacturing as well as utilities.

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