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RiskIQ launches tool that generates automated report of internet-facing digital assets


Digital security provider RiskIQ has unveiled Digital Footprint Snapshot, which provides organizations with an automated, on-demand intelligence report of their internet-facing digital assets. The reports can offer a quick, easy, and cost-effective way to discover and understand the diverse, distributed, and dynamic set of digital assets connected to an organization outside the firewall.

According to the company, enterprises can incorporate this digital footprint intelligence as part of their integrated risk management program aimed to reduce their attack surface and protect their business. They can log into RiskIQ Community Edition free-of-cost, access the company’s entry-level products, and view a free high-level snapshot. Users need to log in with their corporate email address to obtain an immediate glimpse into their external asset map and inventory.

“RiskIQ Digital Footprint allows organizations to more effectively discover, map, and monitor their internet-facing digital assets that may be susceptible to exploitation or compromise. Now with the release of Snapshot, enterprises can obtain an on-demand report to account for often hidden and vulnerable digital assets, and use this report data to enrich their integrated risk management program,” said Steve Ginty, Senior Product Manager, RiskIQ.

RiskIQ explains that given mounting breach, reputation, and privacy compliance risks, security teams must have the ability to map, inventory, and monitor business-relevant assets outside the firewall. Digital Footprint Snapshot offers a convenient and economical starting point to understand an organization’s digital footprint and facilitate means to improve its security posture.

How does Snapshot work?

The new solution enables an enterprise to readily discover and inventory external web assets and infrastructure across diverse domains, IPs, hosting providers, service providers, and affiliates that are connected to an organization. Snapshot leverages RiskIQ’s internet reconnaissance, internet data sets, and analytics to deliver an interactive Snapshot report comprised of a filterable graph and inventory details of connected, internet-facing assets.

Once the report is generated, threat defenders, such as those who manage vulnerability assessment and penetration testing programs, can interact with visual aids and insights to uncover and account for external assets and pinpoint potential security and compliance exposures that require attention.

Users can see a preliminary external asset map and inventory at no charge through RiskIQ Digital Footprint Community Edition. It can be purchased as a single, one-off report starting at $6,250 or a set of four scheduled, quarterly reports starting at $20,000. In order to gain a full, curated inventory that is continuously updated, users need to upgrade to their Premium Edition. The Enterprise Edition offers active monitoring of selected assets to alert on changes to assets or indications of component compromise, such as phishing or malware.

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