ACE launches dedicated international centre for startups in Singapore

The Action Community for Entrepreneurship (ACE) International Center aims to act as a platform for global startups using Singapore as a gateway to Asia


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Action Community for Entrepreneurship (ACE) which is a national private-led organization with an aim to drive innovation and entrepreneurship in Singapore, has announced the official launch of the ACE International Centre (ACEIC).

The center is a part of the national government’s efforts to boost the country’s startup scene under the Startup SG brand. The organization claims that ACEIC is being established as a dedicated one-stop center to support startups in international growth and expansion.

According to the ACE, the centre will facilitate opportunities for both local startups seeking regional growth and international startups setting up their bases in Singapore, strengthening its position as a leading startup hub and a launch-pad for the region.

ACE is supported by IE Singapore, JTC and SPRING Singapore, which will assist Singapore-based startups to connect to new networks, partners, overseas markets, and access customized programs, market awareness workshops and curated networking sessions.

The launch of a dedicated international Centre for startups in Singapore will also answer a growing need for local startups seeking partnerships and market access opportunities in overseas markets and also serves as an anchoring point for international startups using Singapore as a gateway to Asia.

“We are excited about the tremendous prospects of building on our existing established network and ecosystems of startups, accelerators and venture capitalists to launch an international platform.” said Edmas Neo, Executive Director, ACE.

“We are confident that ACEIC will play a vital role in serving the globalization needs of both domestic and international startups based in Singapore and further solidify our foundation as an international business hub for entrepreneurship and place Singapore at the frontier of the global digital economy.”

ACEIC aims to serve an ecosystem of startups from diverse industries including the fields of Information Communications Technologies, media, engineering, biomedical, Fin-Tech and Urban Solutions.

The organization has also signed an MoU with KPMG, to work with the audit firm’s Digital Village for setting up a regional co-innovation hub in Singapore, with the objective of driving co-innovation between startups and enterprises.

According to ACE, the center is strategically located at the heart of the JTC LaunchPad @ one-north with more than 800 startups and 50 enablers. The latest entrants to LaunchPad include The Trendlines Group’s medical technology incubator outside Israel, Trendlines Medical, as well as Singapore’s engineering-based incubator, Innosparks.

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