ASG brings intelligence to data management with new product

Businesses have to go through multiple processes to expand and gain value from data. ASG Software Solutions has launched its Enterprise Data Intelligence solution which will enables enterprises to be agile, allows fact-based decision-making, improves compliance response time and accuracy, and supports automated impact analysis for better long-term corporate planning and strategy. Charles Sansbury, President and Chief Executive Officer, ASG Software Solutions stated, “Every business sits on a treasure trove of data, but many lack a clear understanding of the origin, movements, volume, characteristics and quality of that data. Such gaps in enterprise data understanding can significantly slow innovation and response time to new threats or opportunities.”
“Our new solution offers a unique patent pending combination of data lineage and data discovery tools to close those gaps. As a result, business and IT users gain more confidence in the data they rely on to support timely and strategic decisions, or to satisfy compliance responsibilities.”
Linking the capability to understand metadata with compiler – like analysis of exposed applications from more than 220 sources across mainframe, distributed and Hadoop-based systems, the Enterprise Data Intelligence solution delivers an end-to-end assessment of an organization’s information domain in order to develop data visibility, analysis and understanding. The solution also comprises of business glossary, data inventory, data governance and reference data tools which cater as an enterprise’s wide-ranging data repository, guaranteeing the significance of critical data used in business processes. The solution helps retailers to search data in little time which is required to chase timely periodic drives. Businesses and government agencies can establish a metadata repository that automatically populates and stores an infinite number of versions and data snapshots. In regulated industries like finance and banking, businesses can confidently demonstrate sound risk management practices in response to compliance audits. ASG Software Solutions  

The Data Facts

Zero Gap Insight– Traceable data is trusted data. The technology tracks every “hop” from source to target and allows to add expertise to “stitch” gaps that can’t be automatically bridged. Navigating the Data Maze– Mapping the data estate and understanding its dynamics doesn’t need to be an overwhelming task. Finding the right path starts with data discovery. The right tools trace data from origin to destination, understanding changes and closing any gaps. Trace Critical Data Elements across the Enterprise- The variety of sources and volume of data today creates a maze of confusing data paths. Understanding the sources of information, and how systems process data, is an overwhelming challenge. Any gap in understanding makes it impossible to respond in a confident and timely fashion to compliance or business process change requests. The new tool will be very beneficial for the enterprises as it will play a key role in maintaining discipline when it comes to organizing data without wasting time and moreover adding value to the business.

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