Actiance launches program to facilitate shift from HPE Autonomy

In response to Hewlett-Packard Enterprise’s (HPE) recent announcement to divest itself of all “non-core assets”, Actiance, a player in communications compliance, archiving, and analytics, has launched its Autonomy Safe Landing Program. The move is aimed at helping customers shift from Autonomy, HPE’s information governance solution to Actiance Alcatraz, a cloud-based archive for email and other real-time communication channels. Actiance explains that following the divestiture of Autonomy, HPE customers are potentially stranded with no clear transition path to support their archiving needs now and into the future. With Actiance’s program, the company claims that Autonomy customers can easily transition to Alcatraz and continue to meet their existing retention and compliance policies, while benefiting from an archive that natively supports new communications and analytics workloads. “With regulatory scrutiny keeping pace alongside the rapid adoption of new communications channels, companies need to be proactive about adopting governance solutions that help them stay ahead of compliance and lower their risk for fines and penalties,” said Kailash Ambwani, president and CEO, Actiance.
“Traditional archives are not built to handle the exponential increase in communications data volumes. Alcatraz is a web-scale archive with advanced supervisory features, open APIs, and analytics support that was purpose-built to meet today’s rigorous compliance demands.”
The Autonomy Safe Landing Program has been made available to Autonomy customers now. With this program, organizations using Autonomy will have access to:
  • Annual service credits to offset the cost of Autonomy migration fees
  • Assistance with policy migration to migrate retention, legal hold, and supervision policies
  • No-cost health check to plan your migration
  • Complimentary training programs for end-users, legal, and supervisory staff
“Customers trapped in legacy platforms need a way to securely transfer historical data to an archive for ongoing maintenance as well as secure storage as data volume continues to grow,” said Angela Gelnaw, senior research analyst, IDC. “Business leaders faced with this type of uncertainty can look to solutions, like this one from Actiance, as a means to help manage this type of shift.”
According to the American-based multinational, companies are already making the move to Alcatraz to handle today’s complex communications data that extends beyond traditional email. It claims that the new program is capable of accelerating supervision, eDiscovery, and analytics for its clients providing them with a single, unified view of all communications.

Abhinav Mohapatra

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