MedTech focused startups eye VC interest post graduating AIRmaker Singapore

Six out of eight startups from Singapore based AIRmaker,have secured pilots with hospitals and enterprises. The accelerator is focused on nurturing innovative startups within the Internet-of-things (IoT) Digital Health and Smart Cities space. All the eight startups recently graduated on the accelerator’s second Demo Day hosted in Singapore a few days back. AIRmaker aims to connect startups with healthcare organizations, industry leaders and companies, as well as its own corporate partner and industry network to enable collaborative innovations in the IoT ecosystem. The startups’ original solutions have propositions ranging from ‘virtual bot’ capable of understanding several languages and accents and handling over 1,000 calls at one time, to a communication tool, which allows severely disabled people to communicate via brain signals. According to the company, the startups underwent an intense three-month program, benefitting from weekly clinic sessions with the AIRmaker team, along with workshops and mentoring from AIRmaker’s corporate partners, aimed at helping them to fine tune both their business and revenue models, and their approach to customer segment and solution validations. “Smart Cities and Digital Health are rapidly evolving sectors where we see exciting innovations that have the potential to challenge and even disrupt existing solutions,” Said Lee Kwai Seng, Managing Director, AIRmaker Singapore.
“I am very proud of the progress that our latest batch of startups have made these past months. Through the collaboration and support of our corporate partners and the AIRmaker team, I am confident that our startups will quickly secure interest from investors and potential customers in Singapore and across the globe.”
The accelerator program has been jointly setup by Ascendas-Singbridge, SG Innovate, and China’s Runyang Group. Players in the Digital Health and Smart Cities ecosystem, including Becton Dickinson, Panasonic R&D Centre Singapore, Philips, Infineon, along with Konica Minolta and Arrow Electronics, also support the program.

The 8 startups who graduated

Brain Dynamics: The startup that has developed a brain computer interface to provide a way for severely disabled people to communicate using brain signals. It is soon to be piloted on in hospitals but is primarily developed for use by individuals suffering from Locked in Syndrome (LIS), which many stoke patients battle with. The technology tracks the brain’s electrical signals to allow the patient to choose options, which appear on a tablet screen. This could be a lower-cost alternative to the eye-tracking technology used by Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) sufferers like Stephen Hawkins, offering accessibility and enhanced wellbeing for patients. Clef Technology: This startup has created an innovative solution to combat pipeline leakage, using specially designed algorithms coupled with acoustic processing techniques, to accurately locate leakage in industrial pipelines. The technology is non-invasive, which means there is no need to cut pipe and installation is easy, reducing the risk of pipeline contamination. The solution also allows for the early detection of leaks, which it claims provides substantial cost savings, minimizes loss and potential environmental damage resulting from a leak. Docturnal: A “non-invasive” point of care healthcare data analytics start-up, focused on creating diagnostic and screening solutions, which make the detection of diseases simpler, easier and more proactive. It’s flagship solution is a diagnostic tool claims to have the potential to change the way that health practitioners screen patients for Tuberculosis. Eyedentify: An automotive IoT solution start-up aimed at ensuring in-vehicle security for drivers and commuters via intelligent features designed to deter offenders and alert authorities in real-time in case of an incident. Developed to tackle rising automotive crime, the solution aims to provide peace of mind for vehicle drivers and passengers, with telecommunication modules, integrated panic buttons and a camera, along with microphones and speakers, which enable the passenger or driver to get help. Praktice AI: The startup claims that it is soon going to be piloted in Singapore hospitals. It uses Artificial Intelligence, machine learning and speech technology, to help clinics and hospitals manage patient interactions and optimize hospital workflows via an intelligent computer interface. Its virtual bot ‘Sarah’ speaks multiple languages and claims to understand many regional accents, while being capable of handling more than 1,000 calls at the same time. SitRight: Aiming to neutralize the harmful effects of prolonged sitting, the startup’s flagship product is a smart seat cover that monitors and corrects the user’s sitting posture in real-time. The seat cover is designed to promote an ideal sitting position, while accurately tracking the users’ in-chair body movement, and alerting them in real-time, if they start to slouch or lean in their seat or exhibit any posture that could result in back pain. SmartClean: Is an end-to-end IoT and AI solution for smart urban cities, which uses smart technology to ensure the cleanliness of public toilets. The solution offers real-time monitoring of toilet facilities via an array of sensors installed around the toilet, which works to optimize facility management. StaTwig: Using blockchain and IoT technology, the startup has developed a solution to provide real-time end to end product tracking, that works to identify problems and inefficiencies in any supply chain. The company has developed a tamper resistant device which tracks deliveries from start-to-finish, ensuring quality and safety, currently aimed at the medical industry.

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