Allrecipes has a new item on the menu: Verifone beacons

Food-focused social network, Allrecipes, has tied up with POS systems provider, Verifone to install beacons in 58 Marc’s stores in Ohio to provide customized meal and recipe recommendations to shoppers. The recommendations will be provided through Allrecipe’s Dinner Spinner app, which uses Verifone’s SDK (software development kit) which in turn interacts with the beacons and the Verifone in-store payment terminals. Based on the users’ personal preferences, the app recommends peer created recipes and in turn the right picks for those recipes. Allrecipes is laying quite an importance on the mobile space. It claims that last year, more than half of the site’s 1.3 billion visits, occurred on mobile phones. It also claims that 90 percent of these mobile visitors use recipes to inform and update their grocery purchases.

Here’s how?

  1. The user downloads the Allrecipes Dinner Spinner app to his or her iOS or Android smartphone or tablet.
  1. Upon entering a grocery store equipped with Verifone beacon technology, the shopper’s smartphone receives a signal from the beacon via Bluetooth.
  1. Next, the Allrecipes Dinner Spinner app opens on the consumer’s smartphone, and the beacon network captures the beacon and app ID—enabling the app to deliver recipes based on the individual user and specific grocery store.
  1. The user can then purchase the ingredients while he/she shops in the store using the service.
The app further heightens the relevancy by providing meal ideas depending on the season and local weather. Allrecipes is also offering an “end-to-end solution” for advertisers. Stan Pavlovsky, Allrecipes President, Allrecipes, said:
“As the grocery industry evolves, we’re seeing technology and retail converge in new and innovative ways. We understand the importance of using technology to craft in-store engagements that are personal to shoppers, stores and brands, and this partnership serves as a first step in providing timely, relevant meal solutions for busy home cooks as soon as they walk through the door.”
We’re at the beginning of beacons’ effectiveness with merchants and consumers while, Verifone is shipping terminals with beacon technology. The beacon push is a reminder that this technology could possibly be a viable conduit between retailers and consumers making steady changes in communication between the both. By the end of 2015, many mainstream publications had rushed to declare beacon technology a fail even though it’s been on the market only since mid-2013. As per BI Intelligence estimates, nearly 4.5 million beacons will be deployed by 2018. Expressing “pride” in deploying beacon networks, Richard Char, SVP of Business Development at Verifone, said, “Verifone is proud to be deploying the beacon network with Allrecipes, Footmarks and customers like Marc’s as we look for new ways to deliver additional value and exceptional consumer experiences in store. We look forward to working with other types of merchants going forward to test different beacon programs and continue to push the envelope of this technology.”

Abhinav Mohapatra

An author who has a keen interest for the ‘off-beat’ <!--more-->An author who has a keen interest for the ‘off-beat’, he has covered and explored multiple facets of the marketing, advertising

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