Aquiire: A new cloud-based eProcurement suite targeted at B2B e-commerce

Cincinnati headquartered, Vinimaya, a developer of B2B marketplace and supplier relationship management solutions, has launched Aquiire, a cloud-based eProcurement suite.
Mike Palackdharry Aquiire
Mike Palackdharry
According to Mike Palackdharry, President and CEO, Vinimaya, Aquiire “features patented technologies that truly deliver on the promise of real-time universal shopping, supplier management, business intelligence and structured and unstructured data assimilation.” He said the solution brings a completely new purchasing experience and approach to supplier relationship management (SRM), which is targeted at B2B eCommerce industry. He said Aquiire drives maximum user adoption, enabling compliance, purchasing control and unparalleled savings. “Real-time technologies are the only way to deliver the next-generation functionality that our clients demand with maximum speed, simplicity and logic,” he said.
“It eliminates the need for users to punch-out to supplier websites, it enables instant product and price comparisons across any eCommerce site and will provide instant alerts on supply chain risk. Our real-time solutions deliver true guided-buying and compliant shopping while allowing enterprises to instantly receive product and supplier intelligence based upon their procurement rules, before they make a purchase. It saves time and money, while protecting against mistakes. Real-time matters because the world changes in real-time.”
Aquiire also features a visual discovery tool, KlarityTM, an interactive heat map that refines search results to find items and information. The company claims that the SRM can be seamlessly integrated into “any ERP or financial system anywhere in the world.”

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