Indian startup CogniCor helps Atos build AI-powered IT service desk engine

Atos, a European IT services company, has partnered with CogniCor, an Indian AI company, to launch the Atos Virtual Assistant (AVA) built to automate its IT service desk capability and provide a better user experience. Integrated with AI engine, AVA is designed to transform user support as more clients move into adopting a digital environment. The product is tailored for Atos’ customers, and is designed to deliver machine learning capabilities in the cloud, and enhancing end-user experience by automatically answering IT service desk and data center requests in record time.
“Among all our AI partners, CogniCor’s platform has the perfect match to Atos’ portfolio of services. AVA is thus redefining the way Atos is interacting with its clients by being able to learn exponentially over time from all internal IT data available,” said Michael Kollar, Chief Digital Officer, Atos North American Operations.
According to Atos, the AI assistant not only solves client issues immediately but also anticipates what may occur in the future based on collected trend data such as IT tickets, FAQ and guide books as well as user-generated content. Also, it helps reduce time answers and improves efficiency with accuracy of support through live-integrating all updates from major technological partners. CogniCor will serve as a co-innovation partner with Atos to deliver additional AI solutions for Atos’ European and North American customers. It has integrated its capabilities in deploying enterprise virtual agents using machine-learning, cognitive methods and Natural Language Processing (NLP) in the AI assistant.
“Our proven AI platform, deployed by several leading brands and built on our proprietary patent pending cognitive deep learning stack, , is a genuine differentiator in the market. This partnership significantly enlarges our horizon in North America by supporting Atos’ clients throughout their IT automation journey,” said Sindhu Joseph, CEO and Co-founder, CogniCor.
Currently, AVA is deployed in a first wave of customers with additional rollouts planned to cover majority of Atos customer base within the next two years.

Abhinav Mohapatra

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