Bluecore introduces email app on Oracle Marketing AppCloud

New York headquartered Bluecore which provides marketing automation software, that allows marketers to create and distribute personalized emails, has introduced an application on the Oracle Marketing AppCloud. According to Bluecore, this new application will aid marketers to control the customer behavior and product catalog data in order to deliver activated and personalized broadcast email with Oracle Marketing Cloud. The Oracle Marketing AppCloud claims to support Independent software Vendors (ISVs) and technology companies who are willing to expand their business by integrating with the digital marketing platform and join the partner ecosystem built specifically for marketers. Oracle Marketing Cloud states that it has a global customer base tailored for enterprises and mid-market businesses that provides Chief Marketing Officers (CMOs) and their peers with data-driven solutions to streamline marketing resources. It also offers more personalized and consumer-focused experiences across every channel in order to draw attention and hold on with customers. Through its “connected” ecosystem, the B2B and B2C marketers and enterprises will be able to connect to a single system of record. Fayez Mohamood, Co-Founder and CEO of Bluecore said:
Our products are focused on making marketing easier and enabling brand owners to act quickly on their customer data. All of our applications are layered on top of a marketer’s existing workflow or technology, so there’s no lengthy integration period or need to learn a new tool.
Blucore’s customized email will facilitate Oracle Marketing Cloud customers to generate audiences by taking reference from behavioral data and predictive algorithms in order to deliver precise email messages that convert. Bluecore claims that its platform powers immediate analysis and segmentation of terabytes of behavioral data, enabling marketers to send dynamically personalized emails to each and every customer with speed and proficiency. With its campaign management feature, the audience’s creation and experience management will get connected in single workflow that permits marketers to timely generate and deliver customized messaged without any interference from IT departments for maintenance or fixes. The data ingestion process will allow marketers to launch multiple email triggers or broadcast sends in a matter of weeks.

Abhinav Mohapatra

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