Blueshift launches AI powered alternative to legacy campaign management solutions

Segment-of-One Marketing and Programmatic CRM company, Blueshift, has launched its AI-Powered Cross-Channel Journeys, which is a new solution that helps growth marketers to trigger cross-channel customer journeys based on AI-Computed Predictive Scores and AI-Powered content recommendations. According to the company the solution uses a visual and intuitive interface that combines behavioral data, AI & automation in a unified product that claims to help growth marketers to respond to every customer behavior with a 1:1 customer experience on every channel. Blueshift states that it counters the challenge of building personalized, content-rich campaigns and customer journeys with a new approach that brings data, AI & cross-channel automation together into a unified, quick-deployable product. Blueshift claims that it is unlike legacy marketing cloud solutions that do not have AI at the core. According to the company, the unified approach provides the following advantages:
  • Enter customers into journeys at exactly the right time and right channel, based on AI. Blushift states that in the past, marketers struggled to define rules that should determine when customers enter a journey. The solution will help marketers use AI-Powered Predictive Scores to launch journeys at the perfect time for each customer.
  • Insert AI-Powered Content recommendations at each step, which combines content-rich personal experience with automated campaigns. The solution integrates the visual campaign builder with an AI-Powered Recommendation Studio for content & product recommendations, ensuring a content-rich 1:1 experience across channels. Marketers can even a/b test different types of recommendations.
  • Track & measure campaigns in an intuitive manner. Blueshift claims that legacy systems are unable to tie back attribution data and visualize the data at each step of the customer journey. With the solution’s integrated approach, marketers will be able to select their own conversion metrics from any part of their funnel, customize their attribution models, and visualize campaign performance at each step.
“Legacy campaign management solutions have made it very hard for most companies to deliver content-rich & personalized customer engagement across every channel. With the launch of AI-Powered Customer Journeys, we are excited to provide growth marketers a new alternative today,” said Vijay Chittoor, Co-founder & CEO of Blueshift.

Abhinav Mohapatra

An author who has a keen interest for the ‘off-beat’ <!--more-->An author who has a keen interest for the ‘off-beat’, he has covered and explored multiple facets of the marketing, advertising

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