Bullhorn adds AI to CRM; gamifies it with SalesDuel

Cloud based CRM solution provider, Bullhorn announced that it has made multiple enhancements in the latest upgrade of its CRM. The prominent amongst them is adding artificial intelligence capabilities called Bullhorn Bots that can automate frequently repeated tasks. Besides artificial intelligence, the company also added what it calls “proactive intelligence” and “radical transparency”. Talking about the impetus behind the company’s “improved platform,” Matt Fischer, CTO of Bullhorn, said, “The days of users wasting time getting data into their CRM systems and operating in silos are over, and Bullhorn is the reason.” “We’re making it easy for people to get the information they need – on customers, on sales, on service, on business momentum – and make the right decisions at the right time. The way we’re doing this, through artificial intelligence and behavioral insight, is cutting-edge, but the end result is classic: better results and faster growth for your business.”

Bot-tled Up

The flagship CRM will now use bots — dubbed as Bullhorn Bots — to alert users at specific instances. For instance a ‘rule’ can be created to alert a manager via email when accounts dip below 10 percent in executive management. “Bots empower organizations to streamline their operations by effortlessly customizing workflow using clicks, not code. Additionally, as these bots learn from user input and behavioral patterns, they will suggest specific automations based on machine learning algorithms,” said an official release.

Proactive Intelligence

Another big feature that the company said that it has added to the CRM includes a new business intelligence framework, which according to the company “puts the power of ad-hoc reporting and proactive intelligence in the hands of business users.” Businesses, according to the company can go beyond the standard sales performance reports by measuring the impact of customer engagement. It can track Net Promoter Score (NPS), do sentiment analysis and eventually gauge opportunity velocity. For example, the official communique explains, businesses will be able to tell which deals in the pipeline are most likely to close by looking at engagement data for new customers and at NPS and sentiment data for existing customers when comparing their current opportunities with historical performance.

Radical Transparency

The enhanced CRM also comes with “radical transparency”, which according to the company, allows organizations to “gain a new level of transparency into customer sentiment and behavior.” “Unlike traditional CRM systems that mostly track transaction history and contact data, Bullhorn provides unprecedented customer insight by gleaning information from emails, text, and phone communications, giving users a way better way to engage with and manage customer relationships,” the release said.

Improvements in Pulse

Besides announcing enhancements in its CRM, Bullhorn also announced improvements in Pulse, its relationship management plugin for CRMs. A new feature, dubbed as “Pulse Recently Flagged Emails,” which will be available from July, allows businesses to flag customer communication and to automatically add contacts from customer communication. The new capability allows users to create a ‘trigger’ in emails — using keywords — to notify users or executives for “immediate attention”. A new “Auto-Add” feature, automatically adds contacts from messages and mails, into the CRM if it cannot find any previous record of the sender.

Ready for a duel?

Besides, the above enhancements, Bullhorn announced two new products — SalesDuel and Blueprint. SalesDuel is a gamification plugin that allows businesses to turn their CRM environments into tournaments where “coworkers draft teams, track live statistics, and compete to win, in turn increasing employee engagement, collaboration, and productivity. Meanwhile, Blueprint is a planning tool, allowing companies to identify executives at prospective client-organizations with whom they should aim to form connections and initiate deals.

Abhinav Mohapatra

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