Capriza releases new set of mobility solutions for enterprises

Capriza, an enterprise mobility solutions provider for business applications, has released Jaguar, which introduces a range of new pre-built micro apps developed to rapidly simplify and mobile-enable core organizational processes for Field Services and Employee Self-Service (ESS). The company has also modified its personal mobile workspace, WorkSimple, aiming to provide users with a unified, proactive way to interact with critical business applications on the go.

New Universal Micro Apps for Field Services

Capriza explains that field services professionals like delivery personnel, inspectors, technicians, and maintenance crews struggle with paper-laden processes and lack easy access to corporate data, such as customer, work order, and inventory information.

The new Field Services micro apps are designed to provide these employees at the edge of the enterprise with personal, contextual, and task-based workflows on their mobile devices. The company claims that the release makes it easy for personnel to access real-time inventory information, view customer details, and submit reports while in the field. This improves business agility and customer service, while reducing costs.

New Universal Micro Apps for ESS

The company states that traditional corporate portals are based on enterprise applications that were never built for mobility and often require Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) for external access. Hence, the new ESS micro apps are built to offer immediate mobile access to quickly and easily perform common tasks such as requesting PTO, viewing pay stubs, and searching a corporate directory. This fosters greater employee engagement and productivity, while lowering HR support costs.

WorkSimple App redesigned

In order to help enterprises make user experience more unified, simple and personal, Capriza has redesigned the WorkSimple app. This is aimed at simplifying how users access business applications on the go, while providing a personalized experience that consolidates the micro apps to each individual, and intelligently sends push notifications for new tasks and updates such as awaiting approvals, updated service requests, or overdue time sheets.
“Taking complex enterprise business applications and simply delivering them on a smaller screen is a recipe for failure,” said Simon Berman, Vice President, Product Marketing, Capriza.
“Today’s leading organizations have realized that a successful mobile strategy is centered around how best to enable users to complete everyday tasks. That has been our approach and what’s driving our customers’ success,” he added. Inspired by Apple’s Widgets and Google Now, the company has incorporated a newly organized home page in WorkSimple where critical business metrics from each micro app are consolidated and displayed as personalized Live Cards for easy access. This allows users to be more effective and agile with their daily tasks and simplifies complex front-office and back-office applications.

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