Centricient raises $6.5M; introduces 'Messaging' in partnership with Helix

Montana, USA-based Centricient, a developer, builder and provider of customer service messaging management toolkit for customer contact centers has closed a $6.5 million funding — a round led by Venrock and followed by Next Frontier Capital. Nick Beim of Venrock will join the company’s board. Centricient also announced the first release of its messaging service which it claims as the only Messaging application built for Enterprise Customer Service. To enhance this messaging experience, the company has collaborated with Helix, Oracle Service Cloud solutions provider. Helix Business Solutions will offer and implement Centricient Messaging to companies using Oracle Service Cloud. Customers has shown their interest in messaging over phone calls or emails, and according to Centricient, SMS, Messaging’s least common denominator, has more than 2.6 billion users. Add to that the Facebook Messaging platforms (Messenger & WhatsApp) and it’s safe to say that every consumer that matters is using Messaging. Mike Myer, Founder & CEO of Centricient stated, “Modern consumers don’t have time for phone calls, and waiting for an email response is worse than watching paint dry. With Centricient Messaging, a customer can use their favorite messaging app to be immediately connected with a company representative.”


  • Improved Engagement – It reaches to the customers quickly and instead of waiting customers can switch to the competitors.
  • Faster Resolution Time – Image and video shortens the time necessary to understand issues.
  • Phone Escalation – For complex problems, it is easy to switch to a phone call, while still exchanging image/video.
  Centricient Messaging

Agent’s job becomes easy

An agent always has to deal with lot of customer issues, so no doubt they have to be quick enough to resolve customer queries. Centricient claims that its user interface is simple and intuitive, making it easy to handle a large number of asynchronous conversations simultaneously. The keyboard shortcuts reduce time and also Response Time Coaching helps agents know which conversation needs attention and guides agents to respond within the customer’s expectations.With the feature of collaboration, agents can invite others to join the conversation in background.

Managers to become more manageable

Real-time status and performance information allows managers to understand current conversation volumes, wait times and individual agent performance. It offers necessary tools to managers like routing, queuing, transfer and collaboration to make the managers more organized with the workflow. Conversation monitoring ensures that all conversations are being handled with minimum service thresholds. UI customization is possible through its Extension Framework which incorporates data from other systems. For instance, an Extension could be used to display order details when an order number is detected in an incoming customer message. Myer mentioned in a blogpost:
“We’re not replacing existing CRM’s and customer service systems; we’re making them better! Centricient Messaging has UI and backend integration frameworks, which allow Messaging to be easily added to existing customer support systems, thereby leveraging prior investments made in business process and customizations to those systems. To assist in the addition of Messaging to the most common systems, we’re building standard integrations for Oracle Service Cloud, Salesforce and Zendesk.”

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