China Southern partners CyberSource to secure online payments

CyberSource, an e-commerce credit card payment system management company, today announced a collaboration with China Southern Airlines, reportedly the largest airline in Asia in terms of fleet size. China Southern believes that this agreement will enable it to provide its customers with a streamlined online payment experience, and in turn help grow its e-commerce business. Understanding that the customer experience was key in differentiating themselves from the competition, China Southern looked to provide their customers with a simple and secure experience online. Catering to each customer’s preference to enhance customer satisfaction would be its strategy to develop a thriving online business, and in turn grow their e-commerce business globally. “With competition heating up in the online travel space, China Southern aims to differentiate itself by elevating our customer’s payment experience on the web, and increasing our checkout conversion rate, while keeping fraud down,” a China Southern Airlines spokesperson commented.
“With Asia set to become the largest digital travel market, CyberSource’s customized payment processing and fraud management solution enables us to optimize our entire payment process across the complete order lifecycle, thus improving the number of successful transactions. This ultimately leads to greater customer satisfaction. We are excited to see the results of this strategy, with our eCommerce conversion rates rising by nearly 40%,” he added.
Through this partnership, China Southern plans to use CyberSource’s payment processing and fraud management solutions, including the CyberSource global payment gateway. This would enable the airlines company to process a wide range of payments from various card types and brands from issuers across the globe, while also having the ability to further enhance business growth by integrating the solution with major commerce platforms and other business systems. According to Sarah Wu, Head of Sales, Greater China, the internet has turned people into savvy online shoppers, and the power has shifted from business to consumer. Businesses need to provide a faster, more secure online shopping experience to differentiate themselves from their competitors.
“We are pleased to work with China Southern to enable the acceptance of digital payments across multiple channels worldwide and to help it attain its business goals of elevating the customer experience and mitigating fraud,” Wu said.
As the travel industry faces more exposure to potential fraudulent transactions due to the nature of cross-border transactions, China Southern also leverages CyberSource Decision Manager to automatically screen more inbound orders faster, with increased accuracy and less manual intervention.

Abhinav Mohapatra

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