Cloudera, Capgemini launch industrialized software framework

Cloudera, a software enterprise which provides softwares on Apache Hadoop, has launched Leap Data Transformation Framework (LDTF) — an industrialized software framework aimed at speeding up end-to-end processes of transforming existing BI and data warehouse systems. LDTF has been developed by Capgemini, and uses big data analytics, for better discovery and estimation, including development, testing and integration accelerators. Tim Stevens, Vice President, Corporate and Business Development, Cloudera stated:
“Capgemini’s Leap Data Transformation Framework is a great example of combining process and technology to increase value and reduce time to market for transitioning from traditional analytics to big data analytics. With Cloudera at its core, Capgemini’s Leap Data Transformation Framework will allow our joint customers to stay ahead of the big data evolution and gain the ability to drive deeper analytic insight from more complete, longer-term datasets quickly.”

Industrialized approach with a highly automated path

Big data projects have become unescapable in the enterprise world, and industrialized approaches can deliver business outcomes successfully. LDTF, according to the company, offers a programmed assessment of the actual usage and potential functional redundancies of legacy BI systems allowing optimum utilization of transformation projects. Anne-Laure Thieullent, Global Big Data Solutions Director, Capgemini Insights & Data, said, “Our clients can’t afford to be slowed down by non-industrialized approaches to transforming to big data. With LDTF, we deliver a bullet proof and cost optimized approach for these projects, so that our clients can get to business outcomes faster.”

Abhinav Mohapatra

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