Cloud monitoring startup Dataloop.IO raises $5M in Series A

San Francisco-based cloud monitoring firm, Dataloop.IO, has raised $5 million in Series A funding round from Battery Ventures and Open Ocean, a European early-stage venture capital firm. It is a platform that provides cloud based IT-monitoring tools and services for DevOps and operations teams to run SaaS, microservices and Internet of Things deployments. The funding, says the company, will be used to fuel its product development and expand its sales and marketing team. The proceeds will also help the company open a new headquarters in San Francisco to draw more talent and push sales in the United States. Co-founded by CEO David Gildeh, Steven Acreman and Colin Hemmings in 2013, Dataloop.IO says it is a self-service interface that is user-friendly and can be handled by any user and not just the IT department. Developers can stream metrics relevant to work via wire-compatible Graphite/StatsD ports into one integrated dashboard. And its plug-in architecture aids customized deployments in real time. Dataloop.IO Co-founder and CEO David Gildeh, said, “Today, organizations and DevOps teams are managing data and building applications more quickly than ever with new methods, at huge scale, both on- and off-premise. In this world, you need to provide monitoring as a self-service solution, or risk losing agility as the number of teams relying on your monitoring solution grows. Dataloop.IO is the only solution designed to solve this problem from the ground up.” Dataloop.IO had previously raised $1.2 million in seed capital funding in 2014 which makes it around $6 million in today’s date. It claims to provide its services to customers like, BBC Worldwide and Criteo. And competes the likes of Signal fx and Sumologic in the market. Richard Muirhead, general partner leading Open Ocean’s investment, said, “Dataloop.IO is at the forefront of some of the biggest trends shaping IT today, such as the rise of cloud computing and microservices.”
“As every business becomes a software business, the need for more-modern, and self-service monitoring tools becomes even more acute. I am convinced Dataloop’s team is the right one to tackle the problem,” Murihead added.
Scott Ehnert, VP of TechOps,, stated, “As our architecture becomes increasingly complex, accurate monitoring is an absolute must. Dataloop.IO enabled us to standardize and consolidate all our monitoring across the teams with a self-service solution, saving us time, money and a lot of headaches.”

Abhinav Mohapatra

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