Elektrobit EB cadian: remote analytics solution for Connected Cars

Headquartered at Finland, Elektrobit (EB) has announced remote analytics for connected cars. Being called EB cadian, the cloud-based service makes it possible to have a customized remote analysis of a vehicle’s performance. According to EB, by using this service, carmakers can predict vehicle breakdowns, optimize service station management and scheduling, and make for faster, more convenient service for customers. With the EB cadian service, carmakers can gather diagnostic data from vehicles on the road to detect, analyze, and address issues. Data gathered from the car can then be sent to the service center ahead of time to help improve scheduling and provide faster, better service. Beyond that, carmakers can crowd-source information from vehicles on the road throughout their lifecycle and then apply big-data analytics.

EB cadian

Benefits of EB Cadian: Remote Anayltics Solution

  • Gain insights through data-gathering surveys, EB cadian lets OEMs collect and analyze diagnostic data during the entire product lifecycle to better understand how vehicles operate. That lets the user choose the best components and supplies for vehicles.
  • Save money and increase brand loyalty as OEMs worldwide spend millions on warranties and compensations. Recognizing potential problems early allows the user to notify drivers in advance, saving time and money and building brand loyalty.
  • EB cadian’s analysis lets OEMs better understand their vehicles’ components, so they can choose the best suppliers and parts in the development phase. The information gained is relevant to the next generation of vehicles, too.
According to the company, with EB cadian, the carmakers can generate the on- demand surveys without the need for permanent data transfer and they can also gather a wide range of data of usage and performance from sources such as, driver assistance components, battery life, emissions and infotainment systems. The carmakers also has the liberty to customize their surveys based on their needs. EB cadian allows the carmakers to choose their target group for the surveys, for example collecting data only from vehicles with a certain engine type, hardware component or software version.
Roger C Lanctot, Associate Director, Automotive Research for Strategy Analytics, says, “Remote analytics open up new possibilities for carmakers. They can use performance data to promptly identify hardware or software issues and incorporate the information in current or future fleet development. This will enable them to offer the highest-performing and most user-friendly vehicles with a shorter time-to-market.”
EB candian claims to securely store the data which the carmakers collect through surveys, in an accessible cloud environment so that the carmakers can modify it as per their needs and fleet size. This remote analytics solution uses a unique algorithm to analyze the collected data producing information that can help carmakers continuously optimize their vehicles throughout the whole product lifecycle. The tool also helps the carmakers to understand and analyze a vehicle and choose the suitable suppliers for their products. Standardized interfaces ensure that additional applications, either from EB or the carmaker’s own solutions, can be integrated. Rainer Holve, Head of Connected Car, Elektrobit says, “Remote analytics allow carmakers to create value out of the data from their fleet. By remotely evaluating vehicle performance, EB cadian enables them to optimize the development and customer service.”

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