Enterprise security platform Usher releases v3

Enterprise security platform, Usher, that provides advanced security for both logical and physical access, deep identity analytics for business productivity and security, and the ability to locate and communicate with users, has announced the release of its version 3.0.

MicroStrategy Incorporated, the parent company behind Usher, said in a statement that the latest release features a new and intuitive badge design that delivers remarkable ease-of-use together with substantial new capabilities.

Usher replaces physical badges, passwords, and keys. The platform also allows people to move through the enterprise based on their roles and context using digital security badges available as an app on their mobile devices. Highlights of the new Usher 3.0 release include:

  • Seamless Badge Navigation: Users can scroll through all their badges by swiping left or right, making badges easy to use and intuitive.
  • Functionality with a Tap: All core Usher functions are now on the bottom toolbar of the app, enabling users to easily access their favorite keys, open the QR code scanner, and adjust settings with a simple tap.
  • Badge Dossier: By tapping on the badge, users can now access all the extended details of their badges. This new page lists badge credentials, badge security settings, user validation, and additional information configurable by organizations.
  • Location Aware Keys: Usher will be able to display the digital key most relevant for where you happen to be. This makes it even easier to use the key you need when you need it.
  • Multi-Server Support: The app will be able to register multiple instances of the Usher Security Server and enable power users to switch between servers with ease. For example, users who have Usher badges both for work and for personal use would be able to access both sets of badges in the same app on the same phone.
  • Enhanced Privacy Controls: This new version gives more granular privacy controls to users while still complying with an organization’s digital security badge controls and configurations. This gives the user the ability to modify the user’s location access settings with Usher. It also allows administrators to require Bluetooth and location services be turned on in order to use a particular badge.

“The brilliance of Usher is that it solves the age-old tradeoff between security and convenience,” said Jonathan Klein, President, MicroStrategy. “Organizations want the power and sophistication of an enterprise security platform, yet they also want to deploy it in a matter of days and have it be as easy to use as a magic wand. That’s our vision for Usher, and with today’s release of Usher 3.0, we are on the way to realizing it.”

Available on-premise and in the cloud, the Usher platform also offers a robust Software Development Kit (SDK), enabling developers to build Usher security, analytics and productivity capabilities into their existing mobile applications, web applications, and enterprise software packages.

Usher 3.0 for iPhone is now available for download in the iTunes app store. Usher 3.0 for Android is expected to be released in November.

Abhinav Mohapatra

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