ERP solution Sage X3 v7 debuts in India

Enterprise software solutions provider, Sage Asia, has formally launched its ERP solution Sage X3’s Version 7 in India. Version 7 is browser-based and is platform and brand agnostic. It can be accessed via web and the desktop. It brings along an array of apps and a mobility development kit, which is compatible with iOS, Windows Phone and most Android devices. It is being offered as both on cloud as well as on premise. “One of the best features of Sage X3 is its Mobility where it has apps which can work on an offline basis for financial and supply chain transactions. This makes it really useful in an emerging market like India, which is still struggling to get the network connectivity to masses in every corner of the nation,” said Kumar Siddhartha, MD, Sage Software Solutions, the distributor of Sage Asia in India. The company while has a strong customer base in the UK, Europe, Africa, US and Australia; it is now targeting emerging markets like China and India and particularly the startups and the SME sector.
“We aim to ignite the minds of the talented new aged business leaders of the country. Sage targets to leverage on its global best practices and develop various customer-centric initiatives and innovative solutions for SMBs in India,” said Siddhartha.
The company believes that SMEs play a vital role for the growth of Indian economy by contributing 45% of the industrial output, 40% of exports, 42 million in employment, create one million jobs every year and produce more than 8,000 quality products for the Indian and international markets. As a result, SMEs and MSMEs have greater opportunities for growth and penetration across sectors. The launch coincided with the ‘Innovation for Growth’ forum, organized by Sage Software Solutions, to bring SMEs on to a single platform and “help them devise an actionable plan to steer business growth.” Besides Sage X3, the company also has another ERP solution — Sage 300, which differs from the former that it is desktop-based only. The latter though can be hosted via a partner for a “cloud-like” experience.

Abhinav Mohapatra

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