Happiest Minds introduces Digital Infrastructure Transformation as a Service

Bengaluru, India, based Happiest Minds, a provider of information technology (IT) services has announced the launch of Digital Infrastructure Transformation as-a-service (DiTaaS) for enterprises. The service enables enterprises to activate a portfolio of infrastructure management, automation, orchestration, along with centralized management of cloud and on-premise services. In short, it allows enterprises drive down towards advanced digital infrastructure and lift themselves from the traditional structure. When it comes to Digital Infrastructure Transformation in IT, enterprises face many challenges that includes lack of appropriate tools and platforms, lack of proven frameworks and roadmap for transformation, integration challenges and more. To address these challenges, Happiest Minds claims that its DiTaaS platform meets the demands of next generation digital technology requirements. It transforms traditional computing environment into a truly agile enterprise infrastructure and improves productivity, flexibility and accelerated time to market on a manageable budget. Prasenjit Saha, President, Infrastructure Management and Security Services Business of Happiest Minds Technologies, stated:
“In the current age of digital transformation, the daunting challenge for enterprises of all sizes is in striking a right balance between legacy infrastructure and new age technology platforms. DiTaas enables a smooth transformation of the traditional IT infrastructure to advanced digital IT infrastructure, thereby improving productivity, flexibility, and accelerating the time-to-market strategy.”
The company claims that DiTaaS platform quickens automation for build, provisioning and operations. Moreover it facilitates consumerization of enterprise IT-as-a-service with financing and accounting which leads to creating a marketplace. It also consolidates management of multi-vendor infrastructure, platform and application services across business in a secure and scalable manner.

Services offered by DiTaaS

  • Digital Consumerization: It offers multi-currency and multi-lingual interfaces for distributed environment. It also has the ability to offer IaaS, PaaS and SaaS service bundles through catalog management.
  • Enterprise IT Infrastructure monitoring: The service also proposes active monitoring of IT assets that is spread across hybrid estates. To add value to this, it automates enrollment of provisioned instances with defined parameters.
  • Application Performance Management: It monitors synthetic and non-synthetic transactions and has a provision of custom reports and dashboards.
  • Privilege Identity Management: It has the integration with Enterprise authentication to enable access governance and ensure secure access that cannot be reused for increased security.
According to the company, organizations utilizing DiTaas can increase agility, productivity of the support operations, and availability of services by more than 30 percent through faster automated remediation.

Abhinav Mohapatra

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