HitPay allows iOS users to make payments within Whatsapp conversations

Fintech startup HitPay has launched a Payment Keyboard on iOS that allows to send instant payments to friends and online businesses within any app. The Singapore-based company provides mobile payment tools and capabilities to online and offline businesses with a vision of facilitating widespread adoption of mobile cashless payments. The payment keyboard can be operated within WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Instagram or Gmail. For example, if you’re talking to a friend and the topic of splitting last night’s bill comes up, you can transfer the money instantly. All you need to do is toggle the keyboard option on your iPhone to access the HitPay Payment Keyboard on your current screen. HitPay Keyboard To complete a transaction, HitPay Payment Keyboard requires you to authenticate via Touch ID. Next, you need to simply select a contact or enter a mobile number, key in the amount to pay, and then review transaction details before hitting confirm. Upon completion of the transaction, a confirmation message is auto-generated in the text box, which then can be sent to the person you are chatting with. The details of each transaction will be tracked within the HitPay app. The keyboard brings all the important payments function of HitPay without having to switch between apps, while assuring a safe and secure transaction. The Payment Keyboard’s software development kit also allows third party apps to incorporate the keyboard functions in their apps, thus enabling a faster mode of payment for an ecommerce platform. In January, the company launched its Mobile Payment App that offers offline merchant payment capability using QR codes and person to person cash transfers. HitPay registered merchants also get access to payment analytics that allows for effective customer engagement and personalized customer offerings. According to the company, the payment app has been growing its user base at an average of 70% month on month, transactions at 150% month on month and has a rapidly growing merchant base of over 150 small businesses. As more and more businesses get onboard, the company plans to move towards a community of merchants willing to depart from traditional cash payments. HitPay aims to drive the experience of conversational commerce with these merchants whereby clients and businesses can communicate via messaging platforms like WhatsApp and conveniently complete payments in the same channel. In the near future, HitPay also plans to collate the contact details of all participating merchants in a directory easily accessible from the Payment Keyboard. The Android version will be launched soon.  

Abhinav Mohapatra

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