How to secure your enterprise

1| Security Landscape of Today and Tomorrow

You may have many of the best security solutions…but the security landscape has changed. Learn more about the evolution of security breaches and how to start thinking about addressing the new challenges.

2| Social Media Security

With the advent of social media, people are sharing more and more online. Unknowingly, this information can put your security (and the security of your company) at risk. Learn more in this informative and thought provoking video.

3| Advanced Windows Defense

Mimicking staff, recording pin numbers, being up to date on patches, are all ways that hackers identify vulnerabilities. Learn how to overcome these and many other tactics to ensure you are ready for the modern thread landscape.

4| Free Tools to Protect Your Windows Environment

You may not be able to stop the hacker, but you can make their job hard. Learn how to keep your data and devices more secure through these detailed steps.

5| Vulnerability Management

Learn more about software vulnerabilities and the evolution of the landscape. Find suggestions and data points on how to position the full impact to your organization, and then learn how to begin your own vulnerability management.

6| Top Mitigation Methods to Protect Your Enterprise

17 best practices, some obvious and some not, on how to protect your Enterprise. Also, learn about the innovations that Windows 10 Enterprise brings to ensure you are ready for all modern security threats.

Presenters: Simon May, Technical Evangelist; Erdal Ozkaya, Chief Information Security Officer

Shared under the Creative Commons Attribution License

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