HPE aims to safeguard enterprise data with new integrated suite

Hewlett Packard Enterprise today introduced the HPE Adaptive Backup and Recovery Suite, an integrated suite that uses operational and file analytics to automate and streamline data protection. The suite combines its Storage Optimizer, Data Protector and Backup Navigator with modern information optimization, analytics, and protection tools to efficiently safeguard and backup enterprise data across disparate repositories and locations. The IT multinational explains that traditional data protection and management tools present significant challenges to IT departments due to their inability to handle growing volumes of data, new waves of diverse applications, and new data protection rules such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). “Organizations are under immense pressure to manage and protect growing volumes of data that is outpacing their IT budgets,” said David Jones, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Information Management & Governance, Hewlett Packard Enterprise.
“With the HPE Adaptive Backup and Recovery Suite, IT departments can leverage analytics to optimize data management and protect what matters most while driving efficiency, system reliability and compliance across their environments.”

Optimizing time and cost

According to the company, providing deep insights into enterprise information with intelligent, highly adaptive solutions powered by analytics is required to address modern data management challenges. Hence it has combined its three solutions into one suite to augment insights into enterprise data while delivering time and cost savings, and significantly mitigating risk. The Adaptive Backup and Recovery Suite is designed to prioritize critical workloads, predict resource conflicts and expedite recommended remediation steps to drive efficiency, reliability and cost savings into the backup process. The trio, namely Storage Optimizer, Data Protector and Backup Navigator, help in achieving the following: Manage and optimize unstructured information- Storage Optimizer helps companies analyze, classify and manage data based on its value. Users can understand and control the information landscape to reduce costs, meet backup SLAs and reduce compliance risks. Protect data based on its value- Data Protector serves as the core protection engine for comprehensive backup and recovery that is centrally managed. Users can consolidate and standardize backup and replication to improve reliability, enhance business resiliency – while reducing cost and complexity. Make backup process more efficient- Backup Navigator provides analytics, reporting and data monitoring. Users can identify protection gaps, run rapid root-cause analysis for issues in order to help IT departments plan for future backup resource and proactively resolve errors and improve resource utilization.

Availability and Pricing

The suite is made available immediately. In addition, it is optimized for HPE’s storage portfolio including its StoreOnce, 3PAR StoreServ, and StoreEver offerings. Starting at $6,200/terabyte, HPE claims to offer the suite at flexible pricing levels based on capacity of data managed.

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