Interconnected enterprises to double globally by 2017 from 38% to 84%

According to a survey by networked data-center provider, Equinix, there will be a steep trajectory in interconnection deployments (doubling from 38% to 84% by 2017) as more enterprises worldwide look to interconnection.

The report, titled, “Enterprise of the Future” provides insights into what 1,000 IT decision-makers consider their strategic business and IT priorities, and how they are addressing them.

Interconnection provides direct and secure, physical or virtual connection between a company and its partners, customer and employees.

The survey respondents were asked to rank the importance of several business challenges/opportunities as they relate to either having deployed interconnection (“the interconnected enterprises”) or exploring interconnection in the future (“the non-interconnected enterprises”).

Three key areas where interconnected enterprises perceive interconnection to be more important than non-interconnected enterprises are:

  • Reduces Risks, Improves Security and Minimizes Exposure: 21% more interconnected enterprises see the critical role direct and secure interconnection plays in securing valuable corporate assets, including reputation.
  • Delivers a More Positive Experience to the User: 16% more interconnected enterprises realize that flexible and agile interconnection is making them more responsive to changing user requirements and business/technology trends.
  • Increase Application Performance: 11% more interconnected enterprises see how proximate interconnection enables them to deliver real-time performance, regardless of workload and for less cost.

Interconnected Enterprises

Access the complete Report Here

Abhinav Mohapatra

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