iPhone 7 leaked images; does it still entice?

According to Apple, the iPhone 7 is scheduled for launch in about two months from now. Interestingly, the excitement and mystery around the iPhone launch has always been catalyzed further by speculations and hoaxes around the specifications and design of the models. But have leaked pictures and specifications of the upcoming iPhone 7 tarnished the build-up for its release? Naysayers keep arguing that the leaks are either dummies or fakes, modeled to turn the tide for iPhone 7, negative or positive, is for the audience to decide. But the latest leaks unearthed by Steve Hemmerstoffer in Nowhere Else and Chinese social media/ microblogging website Weibo show a different picture.
Image courtesy: Nowhere Else
Apparently the overall design is more or less exactly like its predecessor the iPhone 6. The difference is, what looks like a larger re-designed camera in one of the models and a dual camera in the other. The single camera, speculated to be the iPhone7 4.7 inch, apparently will have no change in the pixels, instead more aperture. The other difference the picture displays are more prominent antenna bands, these ones run clearly on the top and bottom of the back of the device and not cover the entire back edge of the phone.
Image courtesy: Nowhere Else (Weibo mock-ups)
However, an article in The Week states that the phones look a little rough compared to the finish that Apple usually has, considering that these leaked images may be dummies or fakes. Taking the leaked schematics into play, the larger 5.5 inch iPhone 7 houses a dual camera of sorts and has three dots at the bottom like an iPad Pro smart connector. But that too was deemed fictitious as the use of the smart connector was unclear, will there be an iPhone 7 Pro? The leak also reveals the missing the mute button that is usually placed on the side of the device and absence of a headphone jack, will iPhone do away with a headphone jack? Many have speculated, and can be seen in the video below, that the charging jack/ Lightning jack can, maybe used for ‘Lightning Headphones’?
iPhone 7
Image courtesy: Nowhere Else
Looking at the images from Weibo, The Verge states, that one should be skeptical about these pictures as the finish on the phone looks really rough, and accompanying shots of the smaller model don’t quite match previous images. “Other leaks have depicted the next iPhone Plus with the mute switch intact, too. This would not be all that difficult to fake,” claims The Verge. Last month, Steve also released a video on his YouTube channel iPhone 7: January vs March testing stage units, where he compared industrial 3D models of the iPhone 6 to the two leaked versions of the iPhone 7. He said, “These two prototypes, however, share most of their features i.e. their overall dimensions (identical to the current iPhone 6s), the disappearance of the headphone jack, the absence of the Smart Connector port (supposedly reserved for the iPhone 7 Plus / Pro) as well as the positioning, the larger format and the protrusion formed to the same casing by their back camera.”

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