Is ETWeb Empower the talent management suite of the future?

Lumesse, the talent solutions provider has launched ETWeb Empower, a Software-as-a-Service private cloud Talent Management suite, consisting of modules for Core HR, Performance Management, Learning, Succession Management and Rewards, delivered with a common user interface on an integrated data foundation.

The suite has been designed to engage employees and equip organizations to more efficiently manage, analyze and optimize talent management processes. The company claims that the suite was developed to have a easy to use interface and a common data foundation for all modules.

The ETWeb Empower, being a single, end-to-end data foundation, will be able to free employees from time-consuming and labor-intensive data integration tasks and with a consumer-like interface common across all modules, will encourage broad employee adoption throughout the career journey. The result is much simpler enablement of perform-to-reward and assess-to-develop processes.

According to Lumesse, it is putting in the experience of 30 years and knowledge of over 2450 clients into the suite. It will enable enterprises to tap that depth of experience while exploiting the inherent efficiencies, reconfigurability, and economic benefits of a SaaS or private-cloud platform.

Lisa Rowan, Research Vice President, HR, Talent, and Learning Strategies for IDC, says, “A single repository for data aggregation from a set of performance management tools is an effective foundation for sharpening workforce insights. With ETWeb Empower, Lumesse is incorporating its many years of Talent Management expertise into a suite that offers a consumer-like experience on a single data foundation.”

It also operates as a people-centric Talent Management suite that empowers employees to contribute to their company’s success by putting them at the heart of the business, bringing in concepts like Fluent Performance and Career Navigator that bring transparency and productivity to employees.

“Lumesse ETWeb Empower equips employees to reach their (career and business) goals in their everyday work. It delivers a strong consumer-like user experience that encourages employees, HR professionals and department managers to use it and a ‘responsive design’ so they can use it on any device,” says Carsten Busch, CEO, ETWeb Business Unit.

The suite has a SaaS based delivery model to ensure faster and regular updates, simplified deployment and scalability. The ETWeb Empower can also be deployed through a private cloud or on premise behind a customer’s corporate firewall. With time, the company plans to introduce additional, fundamentally new components to the ETWeb offering such as Onboard, Recruit and Ideate that will build out a holistic state-of-the-art Talent Management suite.

Abhinav Mohapatra

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