DevOps accelerator JFrog acquires US-India based CloudMunch

California based DevOps accelerator JFrog has acquired CloudMunch, a DevOps Intelligence platform, to expand its product offerings for developers. With this acquisition, JFrog hopes to fulfill its vision of Liquid Software, a solution that will provide a full picture of the DevOps process, collecting key metrics, correlating them across the diverse systems, and giving actionable information to development managers123@, operations teams, and compliance officers. CloudMunch integrates with key systems like JIRA, GitHub, BitBucket, Jenkins, SonarQube, Kubernetes, and, of course, JFrog Artifactory. “The DevOps revolution started with automation, augmenting developer tasks. This is not enough anymore. Next gen DevOps will need insights into the release flow and a better understanding of the ROI on fast releases,” said Shlomi Ben Haim, CEO and Co-Founder of JFrog.
“At swampUP we announced the JFrog platform, an end-to-end bundled solution for fast releases. With CloudMunch on board, we can now provide the insight layer that will share the DevOps flow analytics. We are thrilled by this union with CloudMunch and team members that are highly skilled and, just as importantly, their engineering culture and values fit with JFrog’s obsession with customer happiness and quality.”
This is the third strategic acquisition by JFrog in eight months, following Dimon, experts in CI/CD, and Conan, the fast-growing open source C/C++ package manager. On his turn, Pradeep Prabhu, CEO and Co-Founder of CloudMunch, said, “We are excited to leap ahead with JFrog to continue our mission to enable enterprises to deliver better software faster. Our products will work together as a strong foundation that will impact leading enterprises around the world.”
“We have been so impressed by what JFrog Artifactory has done in the market and how it is unlocking DevOps performance. The CloudMunch solution bundled into the JFrog platform will not only be a key part of measuring the impact of the software release pipeline, but will show the value of DevOps for our customers.”
CloudMunch is democratizing DevOps and accelerating the process with a powerful, full stack Intelligence solution. Backed with $3.5M from VCs and VMware capital, CloudMunch developed a solution to help teams collaborate their software efforts at scale and enable better insights on the software delivery lifecycle. The company has offices in Seattle in the US and Bangalore in India.

Abhinav Mohapatra

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