Kony introduces new MobileFabric 7.0 to drive mobile app development

Kony, a mobile application development platform for building mobile, tablet, desktop and kiosk applications has introduced its latest release of Kony MobileFabric that accelerate mobile backend application development using microservices. Kony MobileFabric 7.0 is the initial release of Object Services that makes it easier and faster to either define or automatically generate an application data model from a set of backend data sources. MobileFabric provides the complete mobile middleware solution in the industry that allows customers to rapidly build mobile backend applications that reduce development time, improve reuse and optimize mobile client performance. Dave Shirk, President of Products, Strategy and Marketing, Kony, said, “Kony is providing a radically new approach to mobile application development with the next generation of application services, and a new model that leverages object-based techniques. History has shown – from mainframe to client server to web – that model-driven approaches provide the fastest and most efficient application outcomes for business.”
“Our release of Kony MobileFabric 7.0 provides modular app assembly capabilities that mobile app developers need to achieve unprecedented speed and cost saving. With Kony MobileFabric 7.0, you can set up ‘app factories’ to meet your business demands by using code that has common components to streamline the development of apps. This is a huge advancement for enterprise mobility,” Shirk added.

The new features of Kony MobileFabric 7.0 are:

  • Object Services: MobileFabric Object Services allows users to define or automatically generate an application data model from a set of backend data sources. This includes defining attributes and relationships, visual mapping of the data model to backend objects, and custom mapping and extensions for complex mapping.
  • Windows SDK Support: When a user adds native support for the Windows SDK, it leverages client applications built in Visual Studio, Xamarin, or other Windows-based development tools.
  • Role-based access control enhancements: This release allows for more granular role-based access control for services and apps including the definition of a no access, a read-only access, and a full access user.
  • API versioning: With API management service user can now define, track, and call different versions of a given API integration service. Save as a new major or minor version, clone versions, and document version history. Leverage different API versions for different deployed apps.
  • Amazon AWS gateway integration: AWS Gateway provides integration to a range of AWS services including Cognito, Dynamo, Kinesis, Lambda, and S3. The combination of AWS and Kony can provide a powerful solution for IoT or hybrid use cases.
MobileFabric 7.1 is also an update build on the MobileFabric 7.0 release with the addition of storage objects and improved integration with JavaScript functions. According to Kony, Storage Objects can simplify application development by providing a dedicated application database running in MobileFabric. The JavaScript integrations accelerate development by allowing developers to leverage existing JavaScript functions or create new capabilities in JavaScript. Andrew Quail, Chief Information Officer, SGN stated, “We’re using Kony MobileFabric to roll out a customer satisfaction app, which adds significant value not only to employees but also to our customers as well. Kony has allowed us to create the service in a matter of just a few weeks. Before, this would have taken months on the legacy platform and would have come at a considerable expense.”

Abhinav Mohapatra

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