Lean UX in the Enterprise: Agility through cross-functional collaboration by Jeff Gothelf

The world of software has become continuous. New delivery capabilities like continuous deployment and integration have enabled channels like app stores and the web to provide us with an unprecedented feedback loop. Every time we launch software we can take advantage of this continuous learning cycle to understand who is using our products and services, what they’re doing with them and how we’re meeting their expectations and our business goals. Combined with techniques born out of user experience and design, we have an unprecedented opportunity to build products that truly meet customer needs and help our businesses win.

Speaker: Jeff Gothelf
Venue: UCL University Campus, Christopher Ingold XLG2 Auditorium (Learning Connexions)

Jeff Gothelf has worked for many years as a product designer and team leader. These days he’s spending more time as a teacher, workshop leader and public speaker. Recently he published his first book, ‘Lean UX: Applying Lean Principles to Improve User Experience’ (O’Reilly 2013). He’s led successful, cross-functional, collaborative, agile teams at organizations of all sizes.

He mainly focuses on building and training evidence-based, customer-centered product development teams. These teams often utilize lean principles and agile software development.

The video is being shared under the Creative Commons License

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